Blast Worship: Massacred

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Where they from?
Argentina. So the NFL playoffs are here. I’m sure it would be such an exciting time if your team were in it! The closest I get is the second-hand thrill of rooting for my friends’ teams, which is essentially like watching your friends hook up with someone you’re interested in. Like, “wow, great for you, I’m not totally dead inside or anything, you do you, champ!” At least we’ll all got to cheer when Tom Brady lost.

Why the hype?
Do you enjoy the band Mortician? Like, in any capacity whatsoever? Well then my friend, do I have a band for you. Massacred make no secret of their absolute naked Mortician worship which in a way makes the whole venture feel more honest and authentic. Like, yeah, we (I? me?) sound just like Will Rahmer and company and if you have a fucking problem with it I will CHAINSAW YOUR FINGERS AND BONES!

Latest Release?
The Devil’s Awakening, self-released. This album centers around the original Evil Dead trilogy, which I will be honest, really did scare me as a kid. I remember being 12 years old and my friend showed me the original movie and he was laughing and enjoying himself and I was fighting back tears. God, I was such a wimp. Of course, I pretended like it didn’t freak me out and it became one of those repressed memories that came out 15 years later in a men’s group during one of those bi-yearly therapy retreats I do. Have you ever openly sobbed before a group of men in their 40s? I have, definitely would not recommend it.

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