Blast Worship: Hate for Humanity

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Where they from?
San Pedro, California. You literally could not think of a more generic name for a town in California than ‘San Pedro.’ That sounds like one of those made up neighborhoods in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Why the hype?
I’d like to take a minute to dissect and analyze the promotional paragraph on Hate for Humanity’s Bandcamp page, because it’s pretty remarkable.

It starts with “Overblown gorilla grind from San Pedro, CA.” I’m pretty sure they meant to say ‘guerilla’ rather than ‘gorilla,’ but honestly, this is grindcore, so you never know.

Second sentence: “Short and violent like Joe Pesci beating Billy Bats into the fucking ground.” Two things stand out here: Do they mean short as in Joe Pesci’s stature or short as in the duration within which he beats the other guy to death? Also, why does Pesci get to go by his real name but Frank Vincent has to go by the character’s name?

Last part: “My man Jeff from Nerve Grind is doing guitar and vocals here and will most definitely help with getting rid of the body. He probably already has a favorite spot picked out.”

It’s good to know that Jeff from Nerve Grind is the driving creative force behind this project and I appreciate sticking to the Goodfellas metaphor, but doesn’t helping bury a body seem more like something a guy in a funeral doom band would do? And that last part about already having a favorite spot picked out, that just raises more questions than it answers to be honest.

Latest Release?
Hate for Humanity EP on Night Animal Records. You know, I thought long and hard about how I would describe this record, about how it married the rough production styles of early Chainsaw to the Face and Insect Warfare with the intense musical precision of a band like Deterioration and how the vocals in particular are really over-the-top in their brutality and yet somehow among the chaos the group finds way to filter in some absolutely brutal chugging like in the intro of ‘Bury This World.’

How best to sum up all of that?: Short and violent like Joe Pesci beating Billy Bats into the fucking ground.

If you need help finding a place to bury the body, I hear the guitar player knows a few spots.

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