Apple Music Finally Adds Playlist Sharing In iOS 11 Beta

image from apple.insidercdn.comWhile there are no signs that the much needed redesign of Apple Music is underway, Apple’s new operating system, iOS 11 Beta, includes a feature that allows users to share what they’re listening to with others.


image from apple.insidercdn.comAfter dialing back its failed social music experiment Ping, Apple is finally adding a social feature that is at the core of Spotify and most other music services – playlist sharing.  The promised feature was spotted in side a beta version of Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system by Apple Insider.

In typical Apple fashion, who you share what you’re listening with comes with a great deal of control ranging from no one, to select friends or everyone. The new Feature can be accessed in Apple Music’s “For You” section.

Here are some screenshots via Apple Insider:


apple music sharing

image from


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