AP International Offering New Fret Butter Fretboard Cleaner from DMI Guitar Labs

AP International is pleased to announce they will be offering the new Fret Butter fretboard cleaner from DMI Guitar Labs. 

Fret Butter is a unique, patented and proprietary solution for stringed instrument fingerboards, simultaneously hydrating the wood and removing even the most extreme grime and oxidation from frets in one simple application. 

The result is a clean, hydrated fingerboard with shiny frets and a satin smooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion. The Fret Butter cloth is an applicator and used to apply the Fret Butter to the fingerboard and frets. A simple terry cloth rag is then used to rub and polish the fingerboard and frets simultaneously.

Fret Butter contains no harmful chemicals, is Proposition 65-compliant, cruelty-free, vegan, contains only food grade products, and is entirely free of lemon oil. The resealable zippered package, roughly the size of a pack of strings, allows for multiple uses per package ensuring your instrument remains clean for extended periods with a single cloth.  Additionally, it leaves the instrument with a fresh vanilla scent unlike other harsh and foul-smelling cleaning products.

Fret Butter is available NOW on Reverb, Amazon, eBay, and FloydRose.com.

AP International is a global distributor of musical instruments and accessories including Floyd Rose, Pure Tone Technologies, KTS Titanium, and Haramis Musical Hardware, among others. With over 40 years in the music industry, they are ecstatic to help spread the merits of this unique product to a wider audience.

Check out the demo video below to see the new Fret Butter cleaner in action, and visit dmiguitarlabs.com for more inflation.

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