Antoine Fafard, Simon Phillips, Gary Husband, Jerry Goodman: Proto Mundi: new album for 2017!

Proto Mundi: new album for 2017!

I’m pleased to announce an exciting new album project which will be released by the end of 2017. Proto Mundi is the name of the new album which will feature Simon Phillips on drums, Jerry Goodman on violin, Gary Husband on lead keyboard and myself on bass and guitars.

Proto Mundi will be accompanied with a bonus album entitled Doomsday Vault which features remixed pieces from my first three albums plus four previously unreleased tracks.

You can pre-order this double-album package now and help directly the making of this project which is near completion. You will receive a double CD package plus the digital version of all the music totaling two hours of music.

In parallel, there’s also a special limited edition five-album box set which is available.

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proto mundi (disc 1)
01. Mission Ganymede
02. The Journey
03. Empty World

Total length: 51:00

Antoine Fafard: bass & all guitars
Simon Phillips: drums
Jerry Goodman: violin
​Gary Husband: lead keyboard

doomsday vault (disc 2)
01. Peace for 4
02. Black Light*
03. Shuffle It!
04. Omniabsence*
05. The Chamber
06. Invisible Light*
07. 13 Good Reason
08. D-Day
09. Riff & Raft
10. Sum of Six
11. Phree Motion
12. Cape Spear
13. Fur & Axes
14. Holding Back Time
​15. Variation*

* Previously unreleased songs
Total length: 79:45
Musicians on Doomsday Vault include Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jerry De Villiers Jr, Gavin Harrison, Scott Henderson, Chad Wackerman and Dave Weckl.
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Pentalogy 2011-2017 is Antoine’s complete solo discography of five albums, from Solus Operandi released in 2011 to the upcoming Proto Mundi due by the end of 2017. This collection includes 5 digipaks and 6 CDs in total (including the limited edition of Sphere released in 2016) plus a 88-page booklet, all presented in a hard cover slipcase.

If you pre-order this limited product, you will receive now a digital version of the album Doomsday Vault which is the bonus disc which comes with Proto Mundi. You will receive a digital version of Proto Mundi as soon as the music has been mixed and mastered. You will then be posted the box set shorty after.

By pre-ordering this product, you are directly helping the making of Proto Mundi!

– Hard cover split case
– 88-page booklet
– Solus Operandi (2011) digipak
– Occultus Tramitis (2013) digipak
– Ad Perpetuum (2014) digipak
– Sphère Limited Edition (2016) digibook
– Proto Mundi (2017) and Doomsday Vault (2017) double CD digipak

Price includes shipping.

NOTE: If you already own Antoine’s albums and would like to order the slipcase, booklet and the additional albums to complete the collection, please email and we’ll figure out a price for you!

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