Andee Blacksugar: Guacamole Supernova – Sheer Velocity


Guacamole Supernova 

-by Sheer Velocity 

1. Intro To Guac 01:14
2. Supernova 03:26
3. Slaughter Of The Emperors 02:33
4. Telescoping 02:45
5. Eighty-Seven Gonzo Commutes 03:41
6. …And The Rats Were Upon Us 02:46
7. The Dumbing Down 03:44
8. Oh Hai! 03:33
9. iZombies On Parade 03:06
10. (K)night Vision(s) 05:05
11. Rise Of The Tiny Insect Robot Aircraft02:51
12. The Efficiency Of Evil 04:00
13. Forbidden Cereal Sleepover 03:25
14. Race 2 Tha Bottom 03:09
15. Cape & Sneakers Saturday Morning Superhero 04:29

This album was made over a two-week period in Spring 2017. Each piece was written/recorded more or less in one sitting.

Buy the album download and you get two hidden bonus tracks: “Mirror Hater” and a cover of Pat Travers Band’s “Snorting Whiskey”
released June 9, 2017

Andee Blacksugar: all musical noises
Buddy: other

All guitar tracks recorded with Atomic Amplifire 12
Eventide H9
DiMarzio Pickups
Thanks to The Hour Of Goon podcast for the album title

Guacamole Supernova by Sheer Velocity

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