Allen Hinds: new custom 67 tele pickups by Arcane

Allen Hinds Custom 67 Tele Set

This pickup set is a Customized 1967 Tele Set that was Developed for Allen Hinds and tuned to his ears. The pole pieces on the A and D strings are raised for improved sting balance and a grey fiberboard bottom bobbin. Wound by hand in The USA, and using only the finest components, built with select grade and tuned Alnico magnets that are staggered, period correct gauge and wire type, a white thread wrapped coil, vintage style cloth push back wire and a Custom engraved plated steel base plate stamped with our own stamping die to exact specifications. Every pickup is painstakingly assembled with the utmost care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Each pickup is engraved and individually Serial Numbered.

Pickups are sold individually or as a matched set of two.

Available at:

Bridge DC Resistance 6.78k
Neck DC Resistance 8.1k

Set of 2 $250

Allen Hinds new custom 67 tele pickups by Arcane

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