ALICE IN CHAINS And PUCK HCKY Team Up For New Hockey-Themed Apparel Collection

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Puck Hcky, the hockey-based fashion brand, has released a new collection of gear with ALICE IN CHAINS.

Matt Marini, CEO of Puck Hcky, says: “WOW! Had I been told back in 1991, when I saw them at an intimate, one-off-show at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Lansing, Michigan, that someday I would be involved in an ALICE IN CHAINS collaboration, I never would’ve believed it! Total dream come true for us. This is the band that truly brought the Seattle sound to all of us lucky fans and they continue to do so now!

“Every release ALICE IN CHAINS has put out has been special, from the heavier material of ‘Facelift’ and ‘Dirt’ to the acoustic jams of ‘Jar Of Flies’ to the new records, we love it all.

“It is an honor for Puck Hcky to be releasing this collection that we designed together, we could not be more thrilled! ALICE IN CHAINS is on the daily playlist at Puck Hcky, and always will be.”

The Alice In Chains x Puck Hcky collection features pro-quality crested jerseys, hoodies, flannels, joggers, hats, raglans and tees.

The entire collection is available at

Based in Royal Oak, Michigan, about 10 minutes north of Detroit, Puck Hcky started in 2015 when Marini decided that the hockey world needed a “cool” fashion brand and his partner, Puck Hcky president Amy Steffek, pushed to “go for it.” “So we jumped in, and Puck Hcky was born,” Marini told California Rubber. “We are having an absolute blast with the brand and growing day by day. We have an amazing crew here, too. Everyone is totally focused on making Puck Hcky the go-to hockey-fashion brand for the masses.”

Regarding Puck Hcky‘s artist collaborations, Marini said: “What makes all of the collaborations special is that we truly get each partner to participate in the creation of the designs, which brings a certain level of authenticity to the end-products. We refuse to put any product out for sale until they are 100 percent approved by each partner we work with. It’s awesome.”

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