ALBUM REVIEW: Vespera – Godeater

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Scottish technical death metal outfit GODEATER made an immediate impression with debut EP Outerstellar and the proceeding full-length release All Flesh Is Grass back in 2019. Coming out the other side of the pandemic firing on all cylinders, the band have a point to prove and are ready to unleash their incendiary new release entitled Vespera on September 30th. Whilst many of you may be preoccupied with a certain band from Iowa, this is an essential release for anyone who has a fondness for carnage.

Self-Surgery ominously creeps toward you like a predator stalking its prey. Before you know it you are immersed in a chilling soundscape that hits you from all angles. From the vicious vocal outbursts to the jarring riff assault this track instantly makes its intentions known. The dark atmospherics and introduction of clean vocals amplify the haunting nature which surrounds your senses. God Complex kicks the aggression up a notch as the addictive prose lures you in. Frenetic drum work provides a formidable backbone to the ongoing onslaught. The spoken word segment perfectly wraps this track up.

The Hatchet goes full throttle, launching into a spiralling frenzy of tantalising riff sequences. As it progresses a wealth of tone and mood unravels before your ears, taking you on a mesmeric voyage. Fat Of The Land hits like a bulldozer, instrumentally and lyrically – both meshing together seamlessly to ensure you stay fixated on what is unfolding for fear of blinking and missing a piece of this maniacal tapestry. Silhouette twists and turns in proficient fashion, meticulously tearing through waves of technical mastery. GODEATER prove they are just as comfortable confidently swaying through more theatrically paced instances as they are at hurtling at high velocity.

Out Of Body gracefully glides along with crisp, clear tones for a brief period before delving back into the devastation. The poignant and provocative narrative is so well constructed that at times you forget about the sheer savagery which surrounds it. Backwash is the total package. Emotion, intelligence and passion flow through its veins as it inflicts its unrelenting strikes upon you. The instrumentation is loaded to the brim with adrenaline. Qualia may be the final chapter in this star-studded epic but it has zero intention of going quietly. Charging like a raging bull through a brick wall it keeps the momentum surging at optimum levels and despite being the longest track on the album it seems to disappear in a matter of moments.

Whilst All Flesh Is Grass was an impressive outing, Vespera surpasses it in almost every conceivable way. The sheer levels of depth and complexity on display are staggering. GODEATER have evolved into a fully-fledged force of nature and you’d be foolish to overlook this stunning piece of musicianship.

Rating: 10/10

Vespera - Godeater

Vespera is set for release on September 30th via self-release.

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