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It has become very common these days for bands to drop almost half their new album in the form of singles, only leaving a couple of new songs for the actual release. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is up for debate, but rock powerhouse I PREVAIL shocked fans with a surprise announcement of two singles and the full album to come within the span of two months. This has made for an exciting release, leaving 13 new tracks to be delved into and enjoyed. This new release True Power comes after their hit album Trauma in 2019, which saw them topping the rock charts and creating a set of songs true to themselves. This attempt to be truly honest seems to be the case with their forthcoming album as well, with heartfelt lyricism and mighty musical talent.

Starting off with a dramatic countdown in the form of 0:00, the band prepare listeners for what they’re about to listen to. This track could also have potential to be a new intro for live gigs. It would definitely hype up the crowd and get them ready to party. This short section is swiftly followed by first track proper There’s Fear In Letting Go. An eerie intro is created using the electronic elements that I PREVAIL love so much. This is interrupted by some sharp beats that really give you a punch in the face, starting as we mean to go on. The recognisable cleans of Brian Burkheiser then enter the equation, flowing perfectly with the pace that has been set, but it is not long before the classic uncleans of Eric Vanlerberghe provide an ever increasing hit, dropping into a melodic chorus consisting of electronic backing and an impactful tune. If there’s one thing this band loves, it’s a breakdown and this song delivers. Following tradition, Vanlerberghe offers a classic scream-along lyric of “Nothing’s permanent” at the drop in a manner which will be sure to get a live audience roaring.

A memorable single is needed to raise excitement for any album, and Body Bag certainly catches people’s attention. Opening with a distinct guitar riff and a raucous scream, this is definitely a mosh-inducing, fast-paced banger. You best prepare yourself for this track as it doesn’t give you a break; it is full on and angry, and as a choice for a first single, it proves that I PREVAIL are back and still rocking. The chorus of the track is catchy as hell and will get stuck in your head very easily with its rapid rhythm. Even as a heavy song throughout, there’s still a classic I PREVAIL breakdown which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. In the latter half of the song we’re introduced to the rapping element that the band sometimes goes for, resulting in a dynamic contrast that gives the song more depth. It is very likely this song will become a live staple for the band, resulting in some pretty rowdy crowds.

Hinting at some nu-metal influences, the intro to track six, Fake, gives off some LINKIN PARK vibes with its electronic notes. The verses consist of switching between the two vocalists, giving a bit more range and adding to the dynamic of the overall song. Moving into the chorus, a really cool rhythm is set; the pattern in which the lyrics are sang works really well and requires the listener to bob their head along. One thing that stands out about this album so far is how much more varied the guitar riffs and notes are, even giving us a guitar solo on this particular track which isn’t something I PREVAIL do every day.

Closure gifts us with one of the slower songs this band can deliver, opening with a PARAMORE-esque guitar riff alongside some very pretty melodies. This song takes you on a journey, starting off very understated and slower paced and slowly progressing into a more upbeat and full experience. As the song continues the impact grows and more elements are added, even some heavier elements that wouldn’t have been expected at the beginning. It’s nice to still have more melodic songs on the album as I PREVAIL does heavy but also soft so well, and this really displays the range this band has. You can be headbanging and throwing yourself around the room at one point, then sitting and reflecting during an emotional intermission. This dynamic works so well and means there is something for everyone on this album.

Speaking of their heavier side, don’t let the soft melodies of the previous song fool you. You’re then thrown into the gritty opening riff of Visceral which paves the way for more of a step towards the heavier side of metalcore for the band, rather than the mix of pop-punk and hardcore we have seen from them previously. This track in particular could be compared to some of the stuff we’ve heard from WAGE WAR recently – low-tuned guitars and powerful uncleans, mixed with some silky smooth melodies from Burkheiser. It is possible this album involves the heaviest elements we have heard from I PREVAIL before, and yes they’re definitely still on the softer side of metal but this progression of genre mixing with a lean to more aggressive elements is really great to hear. Techniques such as a slight pause in the breakdown add so much more impact than if it was not included, giving the piece more depth and resulting in a well rounded song.

The final song on the album, Doomed, is a really beautiful piano piece. It is clear through the lyricism and general sound that it is very heartfelt and emotional, once again creating this direct contrast to the heavier side of I PREVAIL which we heard literally seconds before. Mixing some pop sensibilities with a warm and full piano melody really gives this song some weight, potentially becoming one of the band’s new classics for concerts. It’s definitely one to hold your phone torch up to and makes for a lovely way to finish an album.

Overall, True Power proves why I PREVAIL have been so successful; they have the range and the talent to create an album that takes you on a journey through highs and lows, heavy breakdowns and clean melodies. Each track on this album stands out, there is no repetitiveness and each song makes you feel something different. There may be fans that would prefer the whole album to be on the heavier side, but there may also be fans that would prefer the softer ballads; either way, you can’t deny that this band has got talent. The band have faced problems trying to tour the UK for the past few years, having announced a tour in 2019 and having to delay twice. It will be great to finally see the songs off of Trauma and True Power played live in March 2023.

Rating: 9/10

True Power - I Prevail

True Power is set for release on August 19th via Fearless Records.

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