ALBUM REVIEW: Totem – Satyr

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Atlantan trio SATYR turned heads with their killer debut album Locus last year. They also grabbed the attention of Kill Iconic Records who snapped them up as part of their roster shortly after. It is now time for the highly awaited follow-up entitled Totem which is available now and is an album you won’t want to overlook!

Seam is accessible as it is frenetic. It combines vibrant melodies with an underlying heaviness to great effect. The snappy instrumentation intertwines masterfully with the colourful vocal palette. Whelmed provides just as many energetic hooks. The wild tempo shifts prove to be incredibly intoxicating; throw in infectious waves of intricacy and SATYR are onto a winning formula. Vector isn’t as frenzied and untamed as its predecessors, opting to lure you in with an emotive and rhythmic narrative. Whilst the majority of this track is particularly light and inviting it does bare its teeth towards the latter stages.

Bloom is packed with punchy drum fills and striking riff sequences. The dramatic tones provide a distinctly poignant soundscape which is further emphasised by the powerful growls. Lull offers up a brief snippet of chilled instrumentals whilst still containing a lot of depth and impressive technicality before the band snap straight back into the groove with the unpredictable ferocity of Haven. Intense rounds of drumming and eccentric but exhilarating musicianship forge a formidable combo for undoubtedly one of the standout tracks thus far. Attrition returns to a less maniacal outlook, leaning towards passionate, inviting buoyancy; a wise choice for one of the initial single releases.

Dogma adopts darker tones and moods to further expand the creativity on show. There are still copious bursts of uplifting vibes to maintain the balance. Selah provides an additional intermission in the form of some quirky experimentation as we approach the closing straight. Totem dials up the crazy once more with flourishes of unleashed technicality. The layered vocals and energised instrumentation mixed in with wild tempo shifts provide an emphatic adrenaline rush.

SATYR have managed to exceed all expectations and then some with this release. Totem brilliantly builds on their existing material, diving into new and exciting territories as it progresses. The talent of this trio seems to know no bounds and it’s about time they received the praise they so rightly deserve.

Rating: 9/10

Totem - Satyr

Totem is out now via Kill Iconic Records.

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