ALBUM REVIEW: To Know The Light – Dawn Ray’d

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In recent years, self-proclaimed antifascist anarchist black metallers DAWN RAY’D have quickly grabbed their share of the spotlight with their uncompromising fearlessness to make a statement. 2019’s Behold Sedition Plainsong was raucously received and eagerly awaited follow up To Know The Light looks set to meet if not surpass all expectations.

The Battle Of Sudden Flame skips the warm-up and dives straight into an intense surge, declaring a damning account of law enforcement. Piercing screams join forces with emphatic drumming and powerful swathes of melody. Before you know it the track hurtles off into the distance. Ancient Light follows suit as enchanting violin segments gracefully blend into the unraveling carnage. Captivating vocal choruses provide a brief pocket of serenity within the jarring aggression. Inferno provides an atmospheric soundscape that transitions into a wave of energised riff work. You can’t help but be lured in by its enticing charms and intriguing flow.

Requital offers up a nostalgic folk inspired piece sparked by a narrative drenched in rebellion. Lyrics such as “We who were so many flowers will become a thousand thorns” ring confidently in your ears. Sepulchre (Don’t Vote) gets right back to business as pummelling drum beats and grisly growls fill the air. The effortless amalgamation of styles that are incorporated within are a joy to behold. Cruel Optimisms opts for a solemn spoken word approach crammed with emotive tones. A short sharp shock awaits around the corner.

In The Shadow Of The Past possesses a gripping cinematic quality as light and dark elements collaborate as one. The poignant, ominous pacing sends shivers down your spine. Freedom In Retrograde is an outcry of defiance. “You might imprison some of us but you’ll never take us all” puts faith in coming together for the common cause to overcome oppression. Wild Fire gears up for combat with swift instrumentation. There is an instance which is the equivalent of breaking the fourth wall. “Everything we sing about I’d just as plainly say” adds that extra dimension of connectivity with the listener and brings a stark sense of realism. Go As Free Companions charges valiantly into one last sonic assault. Unwavering vibrancy flows throughout, bringing this journey to an enlightening conclusion.

It is little secret that DAWN RAY’D pride themselves on being outspoken and belligerent in the face of authority. To Know The Light showcases a suitably rough and ready production that amplifies the abundance of provocative messages held within and has you hanging off every word as the musicianship sways between a variety of styles while remaining remarkably cohesive throughout. A truly exhilarating and eye-opening experience.

Rating: 9/10

To Know The Light - Dawn Ray'd

To Know The Light is out now via Prosthetic Records.

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