ALBUM REVIEW: The Revolution Is Made Together – The Last Vinci

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A band well known for pushing their low frequencies to a punishing limit through a three amp set-up alongside a larger than life stage and studio presence, THE LAST VINCI utilise the power of collaboration with their new album The Revolution Is Made Together. Not content to rest during the seemingly endless lockdowns of the pandemic, THE LAST VINCI set about recording their second album in their own custom built studio, The Narrow Studio. Concentrating on a theme of togetherness from different perspectives, the band involved a selection of musicians they shared the stage with during their 2019 tour, and before the world stopped. Aware of the power and magic that comes with collaboration, they’ve created a hard hitting, emotive album that is sure to touch the hearts of many and give them strength through ever darkening times.

Whilst togetherness has been a concept that has been banded around in various manifestations over the last couple of years, THE LAST VINCI do it in a slightly different way. Whilst there is a main focus of positivity despite the challenges life throws at us, there is also a harboured aggression to those who wish to disturb that feeling of unity and community. One of the most captivating aspects of this album is how it works big stoner rock riffs into a DEFTONES style framework. Weaving together hard hitting choruses with atmospheric verses alongside powerful vocal passages that also demonstrate an intimate softness is something to behold.

In addition to this, The Revolution Is Made Together has a distinct punk attitude, not afraid to mince its words and get straight to the point about what it is trying to say. With this in mind, it makes the album feel wonderfully refreshing, as the stories and experiences are presented in a way that feels completely realistic as opposed to the more poetic approach. You can tell that this is an album born out of the frustrations of the world around it, the visceral inner turmoil exploding into the world through the medium of vigorously impassioned music.

Despite its roots in metal and rock, there are many flashes of finely crafted, almost pop-influenced melodies. There is a plethora of earworms contained within the album’s many layers, delivered deftly by Alex Vinci’s deep tenor vocal tones. You’ll Get Your Turn and In The Name Of Ezra pack a weighty alt-rock punch that utilises the band’s adept ability to work together ethereal atmospherics with punchy melodies that lodge themselves in your brain alongside forthright lyrics that demonstrate the band’s innate ability to be precise and to the point. Falling From A Mountain Of Joy conceptually centres around a missing piece of the heart, but despite it we keep feeling an intense joy and have no idea why. There is a real happiness in Alex Vinci’s singing that puts a warm smile on your face and fills you heart with belief that even if a piece of you is missing, you will always have what you need.

Skeptical hints at the eternal struggle we all have in dealing with misinformation from various sources and how things can become personal very quickly without a practical solution. ECC is the big riff monster that sums up the punk attitude side of the album as it erupts with stomping riffs whilst asking us what really matters within our hearts. After the emotional rollercoaster that The Revolution Is Made Together provides, the album closes with The Only Revolution Is Being Together, which brings together all the previous elements of the album into one eight-minute epic. With a masterful use of dynamics giving the song a wonderful flow, channelling all the anger, frustration, hurt as well as the happiness, sense of community and togetherness that the album supports, this final track carries a strong and emotive message that is sure to resonate with all who listen.

THE LAST VINCI have built upon their strengths and delivered a mature, intricate and impassioned album that will leave an indelible mark on you. Helping you reflect on what togetherness means to you and how you can make your own impact within a positive community that wants to make a change. The Revolution Is Made Together will no doubt launch the Cork trio into the limelight as this feels like the beginning of a whole new adventure for the band.

Rating: 8/10

The Revolution Is Made Together - The Last Vinci

The Revolution Is Made Together is set for release on March 4th via Narrow Door Records.

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