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From South Carolina we are presented with the self-titled debut full-length from STRESS FRACTURES. The emo-punk outfit have been gearing up for this release for a long time, hyping things up with the EP Short Films released in 2020, which was filled with songs that didn’t quite fit the flow of the record. Of course, the standard story that we’re all too familiar with by now happened and now the record teased three years ago is finally here.

The album opens with an intro track Life Is Short… that is filled with distorted noise that grows louder in volume and an acoustic guitar, with monotone lyrics to boot. You’re waiting for something to kick off… electric guitars and bam! We’re into the next song Stunt It! which moves on from the moody vibes to something with higher energy. It feels like it wants to be loud and boisterous, but it doesn’t make you want to jump around, although you’re certainly down to shout along to the lyrics. There are mixed feelings so far but then things pick up and get so much better.

See You Next Semester erases any doubt you might have and gives you a serotonin boost as you experience something nostalgic. It’s best to describe this track as being the lovechild of NECK DEEP and MODERN BASEBALL as we are taken through the bittersweet story of someone making friends at university before dropping out and sadly losing contact with said persons. But regardless you’ll always look back and think of them fondly. That’s a fair statement about this record, it’s incredibly nostalgic and takes you back a few years to the early 2010s and the era of pop-punk/emo music that came with it. One moment you’re having an existential crisis with Smoke, the next you’re wanting to jump into the nearest mosh pit and scream along to Stress Fractures, or you’re embracing the tongue in cheek attitude of Rocket Ship To Heaven.

There are many influences in here from the aforementioned NECK DEEP and MODERN BASEBALL, but there are also some songs in the style of new and old pop-punk like BLINK-182 and THE FAIM. It’s so familiar and comforting and brings a smile to your face.

This enjoyable album is filled with tracks that simply make you want to mosh, scream, and jump everywhere. It is easy to imagine the fun live performances that are sure to come. As we’ve said, there’s something familiar and nostalgic about Stress Fractures, yet it also feels new and refreshing.

Rating: 8/10

Stress Fractures - Stress Fractures

Stress Fractures is out now via Old Press Records/Acrobat Unstable Records.

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