ALBUM REVIEW: Stargazer – Moodring

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On Stargazer, Floridian alt-metallers MOODRING arrive with their debut full-length and lay out their plans whilst still keeping some questions and answers to themselves. The band’s name symbolises their approach to writing music, the ability of being able to twist and turn from moment to moment, emotion to emotion and this release gives you that feeling even if there is room to push the envelope a bit further still.

Massively influenced by the alternative bands that became the standard bearers for the genre in the 90s, it’s almost impossible for any similar bands to not have some of that DNA in them. In MOODRING’s case, these influences are so front and centre of their sound that it’s impossible not to think about the music of DEFTONES and GLASSJAW being welded together when listening to Stargazer. That being said, some of the highlights on the record are when those influences bleed through, even though it doesn’t feel entirely unique.

A lot of the tracks have these big open spaces, created through the use of a continuous riff that rides a wave whilst some electronics provide the accents. It’s another clear point of inspiration making its mark on the band’s music but it is still inviting and it never feels out of place. All of the elements of their sound play into the idea of a band who are creatively and emotionally free to go anywhere they want to. Stargazer has a real dream-like quality in the way the instrumentals just flow at a steady pace. Hunter Young‘s vocals are a huge part of this as well, having that lucid state to them that creates this trance like feeling even if it does leave little room for memorable moments.

MOODRING prove on their debut full-length that they’re capable of achieving that feeling that they’ve set out to draw you into. Stargazer is an album you can get lost in due to its wide open canvas, but a few moments that really pull you to the frontline would make it a more engaging listen from start to finish. As they evolve and shift, there is so much room for the band to explore after the way Stargazer has set their stall out. With this debut, the band have maintained their status as exciting up and comers who still have lots of untapped potential.

Rating: 7/10

Stargazer - Moodring

Stargazer is set for release on June 10th via UNFD.

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