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Now having released their third album Space‽: Issue No.001, WIZZERD continue to show how powerful and immersive a band can be whilst independently managing and producing for themselves. The album itself appears to depict a space adventure, a musical commentary of someone going into and exploring space.

Opening with Launch, the track title is self-explanatory. An intro track featuring distorted sounds and voices that grows louder and louder before a crashing combination of sounds and instruments is heard, signifying the take-off of the rocket, or spaceship – that interpretation is up to you. Sisters Of The Sun follows with a fun rock ‘n’ roll guitar that, whilst being slightly tame in expectation, is a lot of fun, especially with the experimentation of synths that make you think of bands such as MUSE.

As mentioned, the tracks go on to document the listener’s journey through space, from excitement as shown in Super Nova, to an epic fight scene as the title Attack Of The Gargantuan Moon Spiders suggests (complete with female backing vocals, distortion and shouting before a final fade out that makes you wonder if we won or not). Space Chase, again as the title suggests, tells of a high-speed chase that is brilliantly emphasised with fast guitars and speedy drumbeats that again suddenly stop for the interlude Transmission as a cliff-hanger.

It’s not all dramatic though, the second half of the record seems to focus more on upbeat songs that make you want to get up and dance, or at least make you feel cool as you walk down the street type of vibe. If sticking to the story we can view this as the hero celebrating their exploits and achievements. It’s here that other musical influences are heard, such as in Doom Machine Smoke Break, which has elements that make you think of ROYAL BLOOD, and Diosa Del Sola which draws comparisons to LINKIN PARK’s What I’ve Done.

Final track End Transition needs to have the record go out with a bang as we conclude with the exploration of space, and it starts out strong with a funky, sci-if beat, although at one point it sounds like a remix of Nyan Cat. And then it ends abruptly, which is a bit of a disappointing way to end really.

Space‽: Issue No.001 is a fun record where we can appreciate how each song represents a chapter in the journey, but it does fall slightly short at the points mentioned. It might be just us being nit-picky but if you’re going to hint that a song is going to one way or if it’s going to have an epic conclusion then don’t leave us hanging!

Rating: 7/10

Space​‽​- Issue No​.​001 - Wizzerd

Space‽: Issue No.001 is out now via Fuzzorama Records.

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