ALBUM REVIEW: Inner Dimensions – Unaligned

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Floridian death metal outfit UNALIGNED only joined forces in 2020 and they are already turning heads. Their debut effort Inner Dimensions was released digitally back in 2022 but due to the popularity it received the band has decided to celebrate this victory with a physical release on January 27th. If this is a new one on your radar then get yourself strapped in!

Title track Inner Dimensions jumps feet first into hefty riffing and prominent grooves. The haunting orchestral elements slot in well alongside the unfolding aggression and slick intricacies. Shrill screams jostle for the spotlight with gruesome growls. Transient Gate dials up the intensity with jarring waves of instrumentation. The tempo also spikes sharply to keep you on your toes. Delectable lead work gets plenty of opportunity to make its mark. Of Chaos possesses a particularly maniacal demeanour, quickly unveiling its sharp teeth. Frantic drum work leads the charge in a black metal-inspired assault.

Kenopsia keeps the momentum in full swing, hitting you from all angles with a barrage of chaos. Demonic vocal segments send shivers down your spine. Occhiolism flexes its muscles with impressive levels of experimentation. Boisterous technicality grabs this track by the scruff of the neck and leaves an emphatic stamp. Void Wraith gears up for the final flourish with a dramatic, captivating stride. The more restrained pacing allows for the swift energetic bursts to surface with devastating effect.

Inner Dimensions is packed to the brim with adrenaline-fuelled instrumentation which possesses a remarkably accessible quality. There is a nice balance in the band’s execution; they are clearly comfortable in the realms of technicality but know how to use it appropriately and not get too self-absorbed. There is a lot to appreciate and make return visits for and it is little wonder that UNALIGNED have received an abundance of plaudits for this release.

Rating: 8/10

Inner Dimensions - Unaligned

Inner Dimensions is set for release on January 27th via self-release.

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