ALBUM REVIEW: Imago – Space Of Variations

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Dynamic yet brutal are just some of the thoughts that come to mind when you listen to SPACE OF VARIATIONS‘ latest creation, Imago. 

The Ukrainian hardcore metal piece have unleashed their latest collection of deadly tunes and have put together one hell of a fiery ride. The band’s second creation under Napalm Records, this album gives way to an impressive list of chaotic tunes, with features from former ASKING ALEXANDRIA vocalist, Denis Stoff, and Ukrainian rap sensation, ALYONA ALYONA. 

The collective’s newest track-list, contains 14 lethal songs, that each echo reminiscent sounds heard from the likes of metal heavy-weights, BRING ME THE HORIZON and ARCHITECTS. It is a showcase and energetic collection of gut-wrenching riffs and cathartic vocals. The mind-bending, fresh metal that has been created is sure to excite listeners from the get-go. 

Opener, Someone Else, sets the tone for the entirety of the album. Filled with uncompromising vocals and catchy lyrical content, the four minute long track is attention grabbing from the moment it starts to play. The careful curation and fusing of genres is addictive, sending the listeners senses into a disarray that is not only enjoyable but has you playing back the track on repeat. 

Taking no prisoners, the rest of the album features hefty electronic and metal carnage. Energising fans through stand-out tracks such as title track Imago and 1M Followers featuring Denis Stoff. The contagious choruses and consistent ability to provide a diverse range of vocals is explosive. While tracks such as Ultrabeat feature a new soundscape hybrid which manages to combine both rap and metal together. 

It is this fusion of genres and modern approach to metal while still maintaining the feral heaviness most of us desire, that is to be applauded. It is skilfully done, showcasing the undeniable talents of the group. Yet it is the emotive element that is most surprising. Delicately placed in Ocean Of Madness and chaotically named, Serial killer. These two songs present a different layer of depth to the unit, providing listeners with an enthralling sound that is atmospheric. Chaos continues to ensue in Brahmastra, fuelling an adrenaline kick that is such to leave it’s listeners on a high. It’s rabidness is supported with rap elements, feral riffs and breakdowns a plenty. 

The overall variation throughout Imago is one to be admired. SPACE OF VARIATIONS had proved themselves with this one, giving their fans a truly atmospheric experience that will surely ensure that is on repeat again and again. 

Rating: 8/10

Imago - Space Of Variations

Imago is out now via Napalm Records.


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