ALBUM REVIEW: Heal My Head – Valleyheart

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VALLEYHEART are back with their brand-new sophomore album Heal My Head. This new album triggers a whole set of emotions all at once which is something the Massachusetts trio were aiming for. Cinematic and emotional, Heal My Head is an absolute treat.

Birth is the opening track and it’s gentle and has limited instrumentation with mainly just a piano and vocals. It feels emotional and it’s a great opener. The Numbers kicks in straight after it and it’s definitely a change from Birth. It’s punchy, with heavy distortion on the guitars and tight percussion. The song is all about how numbers that are assigned are just not important. It doesn’t matter how many likes or streams you have or the content of your bank account. Basically, they’re saying just don’t worry about it, don’t get lost in the numbers.

Miracle follows which is a little slower; the vocals feel a little more personal and it’s a little easier to connect with this one. It has more of an emo feel to it through the lyrical content creating an overall more emotional atmosphere over the entire song. Next up, the title track feels a little THE 1975 inspired. Whether this was intentional or not it really pays off as this track is great. It just sounds great all around with nothing out of place. The guitar lines give it a very rocky feel and the percussion is just perfect. The lyrics are strong and defiant, not least with the anthemic cries of “Heal My Head!”.

Your Favorite Jacket has a great little intro which though not overly complex is just as effective as it gets under your skin and gets you hooked on the song. It’s a little slower in the verses which creates a good contrast with the soaring chorus. This one feels more cinematic and theatrical than the rest of the album. There’s a lot going on at times but at other times there might only be vocals and one instrument present. This track is very layered and it’s got a great solo.

Warning Signs sounds a little reminiscent of Danger Days-era MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, but VALLEYHEART make it their own with clever use of layering in this track and their catchy verses and immersive chorus. It’s very different to the rest but it’s a great song and showcases what this band is capable of. Carousel uses a few guitar effects which haven’t been heard much on the album before and is a nice way to change things up. It really works on this song. The song feels a little nostalgic and like it demands old memories to come to the surface and it’s really great when a band can do this.

The Days is another slowed down track and again we get the guitar effects which are welcome now. It sounds more personal yet it’s easier to connect with on a deeper level with this particular one. It leads on really well to 6-26, the last track on the album which rounds of the whole album in such a great way. It’s just a slow musical track that ends the album almost the way it started – minus the vocals of course. It’s calming and feels like the only way this album really should be ended. With that, it rounds off a triumphant second outing for VALLEYHEART, and a record that’s absolutely worth a listen or two.

Rating: 7/10

Heal My Head - Valleyheart

Heal My Head is set for release on June 3rd via Tooth & Nail.

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