ALBUM REVIEW: Event Horizon – Madlen Keys

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From Paris, France we introduce MADLEN KEYS and their debut record Event Horizon. On the surface they may seem like your typical indie-rock-pop band, but their sound goes deeper than that; the group like to experiment in a range of styles from trip rock to groove and even some Indian-influenced music is thrown in there to make some of the most beautiful sounds. They wanted to create a record that travels to different dimensions and that goal has been achieved in the most effortless way.

Opening with The Maze, the album begins with some harmonies paired together with some gentle synths. On the one hand it’s easy to label the sound as 80s wave with artists like BLONDIE and PARAMORE (in their After Laughter era) coming to mind, but at the same it goes to a completely new level that leaves you feeling tranquil. And that’s a fair assessment of the rest of the album; a tranquil experience to play during the more quiet, peaceful times in life. Everything just draws in you in and enchants you. Other artists that spring to mind include PVRIS, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE and MELANIE MARTINES, as well as KATE BUSH and STEVIE NICKS as you want to dance around the room in the same style.

Everything feels so gentle and beautiful in tracks like Breathe and Flaming Tree with vocals that draw you in as you await to hear what they have to say. We visit the sounds of India in Keep A Secret, we experience nostalgia in The Stream, and Memories Of My Friends leaves you feeling so sad and yet grateful to feel such an emotion.

Not once does this beautiful record let the listener down; each song has its own style and story, to the point that it’s hard to pick favourites, but it would probably be the final two songs. Ubik is certainly the ‘angriest’ song on the album, or maybe it would be more accurate to say frustrated as the track criticises someone’s differing version of the truth, complete with a distorted breakdown. The final track Pensando En Ti, is sung in French, but it’s irrelevant if you can understand it or not. There are beautiful guitars and vocals, and it finishes off with a choir that creates a haunting atmosphere. Just stunning.

Event Horizon is a beautiful album that will transport you to another world. You listen eagerly to every word, and you yearn for more. The best way to listen to this album is to just find a quiet moment, close your eyes and sway around the room.

Rating: 9/10

Event Horizon - Madlen Keys

Event Horizon is out now via self-release.

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