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ENDONOMOS started life as a one man project from the mind of Lukas Haidinger, based out of Austria. But the multi-instrumentalist and member of tech death band PROFANITY decided to call in the help of close friends and acquaintances from across the scene to return to his doom roots and turn the idea into a full band experience. Their self-titled debut album is our very first look at what this doom-death four piece is all about, offering six sprawling tracks of heavy riffs and vocals that range from hellacious grunts to soaring cleans.

The fact that ENDONOMOS has named AHAB in their press materials for this record suggests one of two things: they’re either highly delusional and setting themselves up for failure, comparing themselves to bonafide legends of the doom genre; or they really have created a competent, moving and brutal piece of work that should scratch an itch for most funeral doom fans. The good news is that the latter is true, and more than fitting of the AHAB comparison.

Unsurprisingly, much of the record possesses that characteristic drawled tempo where every chord stretches into eternity; songs like Wither And Thrive, and Weary feel like you’re stuck in the wake of an inescapable lava flow. It’s moving slowly, yes, but it will unquestionably decimate all in its path. Drums crash like thunder from the greyed skies above, the bass terribly low and thick like ash on the air. Monstrous vocals come on in waves, as if the buildings and environments before you are crumbling to smoke and rubble. And then, it happens. The cataclysmic arrival of the all-ending, unstoppable crescendo. Everything goes black, everything you know effortlessly scrubbed away by this incredible force. And yet, this is exactly what you came here for.

But it’s the epic Atropos that stands out as this record’s most stunning moment – or collection of moments. From the melancholy and inquisitive clean guitar intro, the track eventually reveals itself to be a monolith of storming viciousness and spellbinding virtuosity. The final section erupts into a breathtaking solo that will have you feeling like you’re having an out of body experience. Elevating, rousing and utterly spectacular, the guitar work flits from drawn-out bludgeoning thunder to frenetic lightning-fast fury, and back again. Almost 10 minutes long, the organic and seamless journey the song takes you on seems to zip by in half the time. Elegant, affecting and infectiously heavy, Atropos is a track you feel in your bones like a deep chill you can’t seem to shake and there it shall stay for a long time to come. 

There is something uplifting and catchy about the likes of Rejoice and Theft, while possessing a heft and fire that keeps Endonomos in vicious doom territories. Make no bones about it, this is a wholly heavy piece of work, but there’s an intoxicating levity to these closing tracks. With songcrafting prowess akin to ELDER, but with a lead anvil around their collective neck, ENDONOMOS have masterfully mixed the extremes and bounds of death and doom on their very first outing.

The Argonauta stable has once again produced a spectacular release. ENDONOMOS‘ debut record has all the air about it of a far more established band. This is mature, affecting and heavy in all the right doses, bringing enough verve and vitality to the dirge-laden table to already throw them amongst far more established contemporaries. Though it’s far too early to say for certain, ENDONOMOS has all the makings of being able to lead doom’s next frontier. Ones to watch with paramount interest.

Rating: 9/10

Endonomos - Endonomos

Endonomos is set for release on August 26th via Argonauta Records.

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