ALBUM REVIEW: Artificial Devices – The Ever Living

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London-based alternative duo Chris Bevan Lee and Andrei Alan are back. THE EVER LIVING have just released their second album Artificial Devices today, July 15th, as a self-release. A follow-up to their 2018 debut, Herephemine, the album is comprised of eight tracks that are sure to leave their mark.

Decorated with melodic instrumentals and harsh vocals, the band’s growth since their last release has been exponential. Demonstrated through the blending of their powerful guitar melodies and the various textured futuristic sounds that flow throughout the collection, Artificial Devices provides us with atmospheric chaos that surprises listeners. 

A track like Omniphorm is a real stand out, with the six-minute long piece drawing you in through its guttural screams and free-flowing soundscape. The dissonance bombards the ears, as Bevan Lee’s vocals play out with a dark heaviness against the sci-fi elements. This intensity oozes a certain emotive tone that creates a phenomenal fusion of heavy riffs and exciting soundtrack-esque qualities. It is this artistry that will have its listeners going back again and again to press play on this track. 

The impact doesn’t end there, as THE EVER LIVING continue to successfully drive their bid for the title of metal brilliance with Total Impasse. It’s entirety divine, the heaviness managing to subdue the senses and create an experience like no other. Alan‘s instrumentals are impressive, blasting away with bulky riffs that really showcase the band’s technical skills. This ability to provide such an electrifying performance is one to be applauded. 

Honing in on their uniqueness, it is obvious that the duo have just surpassed all previous expectations with ease, and that they have redefined their own take on metal in doing so. De-Emulate and Take Heed, Take Flight are also noteworthy. The former for sounding notoriously difficult to sing, adding a certain awe like quality, and the latter for providing that ever satisfactory triumphant finish you wish every album had. The power demonstrated in the two tracks is incredible, showcasing the depth the group has and ability to go far. 

Stomping into new territory, it is clear that THE EVER LIVING have put everything they’ve got into this album. In doing so, we have been gifted a truly exciting and original sounding collection of tracks that transcend their previous material. If they continue in this same vein, they should soon head up the path of well-deserved recognition. 

Rating: 8/10

Artificial Devices - The Ever Living

Artificial Devices is out now via self-release.

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