Album Premiere: Golgata – ‘Tempel’

Swedish black metal duo Golgata formed in early 2014. Calling upon their shared histories from southern Sweden, the project intends to transcend individual human identities. The members consider the project larger than themselves; using the members as implements to achieve a shared artistic goal. They don’t consider their identities crucial or significant. They offer the music without the chains of personal context. After self-releasing three albums of sprawling black metal, Golgata collaborated with Satanath Records to unveil Skam in 2019. Just a year later, their new album Tempel is ready to cast shadows. Decibel Magazine has an exclusive stream for you ahead of the album’s November 27th release from Satanath Records.

Usually I dissect albums with specific references of songs and moments. But with Tempel, I must encourage surrendering to the album in a single listen. Like the band’s members intend, the record creates a distinct sense of place. It’s desolate and beautiful one moment; dense with scratching tree limbs the next. Tempel unfolds like a blood moon ascending in the night sky. This is not monochromatic black metal that can be defined by blast beats and icy tremolos. The sonic textures throughout create a landscape that is rich with history. Triumphant leads. Distant croons and folk melodies. An underbelly of snarling heaviness. Satanath Records suggests fans of Skogen, Grift, Fellwarden will feel at home within this record’s riff-forests. If you’re a patient black metal aficionado who values atmosphere and world-building, I think you’ll find Tempel rewarding to revisit for multiple listens.

Stream Golgata’s Tempel before it’s released from Satanath Records on November 30th.

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