Al Joseph: JamAlong #1 – “Eve In Flow”

J A M W I T H M E ! ! ! I want to invite you to come jam over one of my original tunes. I’ll take 4 bars, then you, then me, then you, and so on and so on. I’ll be picking one entry every month to be featured on my YouTube, Patreon, and all my other social media pages until the next JamAlong Package is complete. Who knows what can become of this, exposure, maybe a placement on the Jam Track Central roster, or endorsement deals. Whatever your goals are as a career guitarist there’s no better way to do kill in the music world today than to join a JAM! MATERIALS: INSTRUCTIONS:1. Record video/audio (Just You)2. Upload to your own YouTube Page 3. Email me your link ( A winner will feature on my page each month Have fun. I look forward to hearing ad seeing your entries! PATREON:

JamAlong #1 – “Eve In Flow”

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