Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley, Joey Izzo: Arch Echo – stunning performance and discussion from one of the brightest progressive metal projects on the planet right now!

Adam R, Joey and Richie give you some details on the writing and recording of Earthshine! Look back here for a new song every day!

The Youtube stream is now live! Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported our music, and is helping us hit the charts, as those numbers will help us fulfill our dream of bringing this music to you on tour!

Grab yourself a copy here:
ITUNES (mobile):
ITUNES (desktop):

Richie Martinez – Drums – IG: @richiethedrummer
Joe Calderone – Bass – IG: @jcmusik08
Joey Izzo – Keyboards – IG: @joey.izzo
Adam Rafowitz – Guitar – IG: @adamrguitar
Adam Bentley – Guitar – IG: @abentleymusic

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