Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley: Arch Echo – Hip Dipper – smoking new track

Debut album “Arch Echo” out May 18 – PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE…


Mixed by: Adam Bentley
Mastered by: Ermin Hamidovic (Systematic Productions)

1. Earthshine
2. Afterburger
3. Hip Dipper
4. Color Wheel
5. Bloom
6. Spark
7. My Head Sometimes
8. My Heart Sometimes

Arch Echo by Arch Echo

releases May 18, 2017

Joey Izzo: Keyboards
Adam Rafowitz: Guitars
Adam Bentley: Guitars
Joe Calderone: Bass
Richie Martinez: Drums

Mixed by Adam Bentley
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Systematic Productions)
Album Art by Daniel Wagner (D-Dub Designs)

Special thanks to Ivan and Tina Rafowitz

Arch Echo – Hip Dipper (Official Video)

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