Adalia release new song ‘This Means War’

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ADALIA have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled This Means War, is the brand new single from the Brighton-based emo rock band and follows on from their previous single, Romeo, which was released in June last year.

Speaking about the new song, the band says, “we all have our demons. We all have people who actively attempt to destroy all we stand for, determined to beat out anything that makes us who we are. Growing up we struggled to find our place, constantly trying to find a balance between who we are and who everyone told us to be. Because of that we lost some of ourselves along the way.

So this is for the ones who won’t go silently. The ones believing they deserve to be at rock bottom. The ones who need reminding that they are more than what other’s define them as. To those who oppress and find delight from others misery, we say: This Means War.”

Listen to This Means War here: 

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