AC/DC: A Five-Minute Guitar-and-Drum Chronology

Some of you might remember drummer Kye Smith, whose popular video, “The Beatles: A Five-Minute Drum Chronology,” enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame last year.

Well, Smith is back, and this time he brought a guitarist with him. Below, check out Smith’s latest creation, “AC/DC: A Five-Minute Guitar-and-Drum Chronology,” featuring guitarist Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall.

The clip encapsulates AC/DC’s entire career—covered from front to back in five minutes on drums and guitar.

Obviously, Smith and McDougall play only a few seconds of each song, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Once again, the clip includes snippets of every AC/DC song—from 1975’s “Can I Sit Next to You Girl” to everything on 2014’s Rock or Bust. Enjoy!

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