A Guitar Pick You Can Sling and Wear Like a Ring


By Damian Fanelli

Guitarists, meet the Pick Slinger.

It’s a new type of guitar pick that you wear like a ring, allowing you to swing—and/or sling—it in and out of your grip as needed.

This could allow players to go from flat picking to fingerstyle in an instant. When you need your pick to strum, it’s there. When you’re suddenly in to the mood to tap or slap, your pick mysteriously disappears with a quick flick of the wrist.

The Pick Slinger is made by hand (for now, anyway) in Massachusetts and is being sold in a Boston-area test market.

The company claims the item is especially popular with local guitar instructors because they can put it on when they begin a teaching shift, and they don’t have to remove it until they clock out. They no longer have to put down their pick to position students’ hands, use keyboards, etc.

Certainly, gigging guitarists would never have to put down their picks when changing guitars, adjusting pedals, having a drink, etc.

The company also claims the Pick Slinger can help students develop their personal styles more quickly.

For more information, check out the two videos below and visit the Pick Slinger’s website and Facebook page.

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