4 Issues That Could Destroy Your Budding Band

1While being in a band is dream that many have, its realization can often be dashed right out of the gate, even when things seem promising at first. ¬†Here we look at four different issues to be on the lookout for as you’re assembling a group of musicians.


In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Rachelle Wilber details four major issues that can wreck a promising up-and-coming band and permanantly derail its chances of success.

“Your fans may come to expect a certain sound or expect lyrics that are deep and profound. If you suddenly write a song that seems shallow or deviates from what fans are used to hearing, they may stop following you. Even if you go back to your original sound, it may be too late to recapture your hardcore followers who may now consider the group to have sold out.”

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