14 “Expensive” Guitar Chords You Can’t Live Without

These chords sound like a million bucks, and they can be yours.

There’s a catch, though. Unless you’re a lottery winner, earning a huge fortune takes hard work and dedication, and these chord shapes are no exception.

Your fingers will tremble under the stress of these positions. Your wrist will writhe in discomfort. The grimaces you wear will be frightening. The payoff, however… that’ll be worth it.

These chords are truly posh, and not just due to the intervals and extensions on top of otherwise basic structures. I believe the real secret is in the voicings themselves. We all know the same pitches exist in many areas of the guitar neck, and it’s because of this that we feel the warm luxury of each chord in the video below, not just in our ears, but in our very being.

The location and combination of these specific notes produce a particular resonance that you can really hear. These chords will immediately become assets in your arsenal. If you want to learn how the intervals work together as well as implement these pieces in musical situations, check out my course Guitar Super System.


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