12-Year-Old Shredder Li-sa-X Releases Video for Title Track from Debut EP

Young shred phenom Li-sa-X has released a preview of the title track from her debut EP, Serendipity, and it’s streaming below.

The track, written by Li-sa-X, was released today, February 8, worldwide in 119 countries to mark the Japanese shred guitarist’s 12th birthday.

Li-sa-X’s EP will be released March 8 by Sony Music Entertainment and feature five tracks, including “Serendipity” and covers of Dream Theater’s “The Dance of Eternity” and Paul Gilbert’s “Scarified” featuring an appearance by Gilbert. The full track listing can be seen below.

Those who have been following Li-sa-X will recall that Gilbert was so impressed by her cover of “Scarified,” a track from his Eighties group Racer X, that he recorded a special video inviting her to join his online guitar school. Li-sa-X was all of eight at the time she made her video of the song.

You can follow Li-sa-X on Facebook and see more of her videos on her YouTube channel.

Serendipity Track Listing
01. “Serendipity” (written by: Li-sa-X)
02. “Scarified” feat. Paul Gilbert (Written by: J.Alderete / B.Bouillet / P.Gilbert / J.Martin / M.Travis) Original: Racer X song
03. “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” feat. Polyphia (Written by: Chiho Kiyooka) Original: Dragon Ball Z Theme song
04. “The Dance of Eternity” (Written by: J.Myung / J.Petrucci / M.Portnoy / J.Rudess) Original: Dream Theater song
05. “Yankee Doodle” (Traditional)

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