10 Reasons Every Musician Should Buy A Ticket To A Music Festival [Kosha Dillz]

concert tickets“I got to give you reasons to go to Coachella (or another major festival) next year.. I think there are so many but maybe you aren’t convinced that watching it is the biggest thing in the world, but what about being inspired to write the biggest music in your life,” says indie rapper and marketer extraordinaire Kosha Dillz.
Would you spend $1000 for inspiration and an experience, or do “couchella” from the house? Would you do Bonnaroo? Outside lands? Lollapalooza?
Would you think to meet your future love there? Maybe you get booked somewhere else when you ran into someone? Maybe you get the biggest collaboration in your life, or you re-connect with that one special person you need to re-connect with for whatever the reason may be.
Here are my 10 reasons I go to Music Festivals. 
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    Kosha Dillz

    Matzahchella – Coachella happens around the time of Passover. In my case, I set up shop with an organization called Shabbat Tent and we did passover Seders and gave out matzah to all the jews. Now in southern California, it’s a good move, because everyone has decided to leave their families for Coachella, so this is something they’ll take a pic of and send to their parents. Create your own version of a festival when you go. Koshachella. Outside Dillz. Kosharoo. Dillznbury.  I bring my own festival and perform at all of them with some sort of sound system.

  2. Schmooze Schmooze-Industry is at this event. It’s not like SXSW. People spend lots of money to enjoy themselves versus trying to save lots of money and attend smaller events. This event everyone seems to roam free. Now is your chance to do it with them, without the hustle of promoting your show that someone most likely won’t come to since they are too busy. Level playing field!
  3. Inspiration – The best of th best are playing , and the stage shows are next level. What do you want your sound and light show to look like? So you want to keep playing these small gigs? Or do you want to be big? Come take a look at the production value.  
  4. To meet new music fans – the best way to meet music fans who might like your music, is to go to music events! Sadly you won’t only find it in one place. The internet is not good enough. I have made amazing fans and friends by doing just that. Living my life.
  5. You never know who’s backstage – Provided you hustle enough, you can end up having solid conversations with Sylvester Stallone and Mac Demarco and Rza in the span of an hour. You can also talk to people who are members of the production crew. Either way….you never know! But you always have to show up. I once watched the Tupac Hologram with Rza. Go think about that experience for a second.
  6. Promoters go to shows too – Everyone takes time off from their daily grind. It is nice to have fans see artists or music industry people just enjoying themselves. For people to find me camping, it was a joy to them. Camping with Kosha! Literally a time where other festival promoters and venue bookers got to live away from their work force and hang with artists who aren’t performing and finally attend a show with them.
  7. Content Creation – Not only do i go get inspired and hustle and schmooze, I also go to create my own content. i always have the theme of attending things I want to play. All the snapping chatting and instagramming and face booking will help your people experience what you experience first hand
  8. Create better relationships and collaboration with the old and new – Some of my most unsuccessful relationships are those that are closest to home. Why do you think they have retreats? We need to grasp each other in the middle of a desert or field or forest and connect. It works. I don’t know why. I met a band called Strangers you know who played Coachella, years after they met at Coachella.
  9. Dinner Dates – Being that I usually go by myself, I end up having dinner with random people. Since so much energy is flowing, I am willing to share that with many people. 
  10. Languages – I get to practice all my languages freely. people come from all over the world. I get to speak spanish, hebrew and english in the same day, and it is pure joy for me. 
Kosha Dillz is a DIY artist that just drove 15 hours to play for 15 people in Fargo North Dakota on his OY VEY USA Tour because he believes in living life for the experience. He will play festivals all summer and has a billboard charting album called WHAT I DO ALL DAY AND PICKLE on Spotify.  He loves to help people and recently played Silent Disco at Coachella and rocked a Whole Foods for payment via Whole Foods gift cards.
Join him on the internet at @koshadillz and email rapperfriends@gmail.com for biz.

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