10 Instagram Accounts That Could Change Your Music Career [Kosha Dillz]

1In this article rapper Kosha Dillz shares ten different Instagram accounts which, although they may in many cases be unconventional, are nonetheless a source of great source of creative inspiration for the rapper from day to day.


Guest post by indie rapper Kosha Dillz

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Kosha Dillz

I look to some of the most interesting people for inspiration that I don’t really know would inspire people besides myself. I consider [myself] to have a good eye for branding, and love studying the art of growth. I also realize I have tastes in things that not a lot of people have tastes in, and that’s OK. I enjoy hustling, wrestling, rapping, (high school, freestyle , greco roman, NCAA) and YouTubing. With that being said, there [are] a variety of Instagrams I follow that really help me in my day for the world of Kosha Dillz. From speed readers to strength training to press on nail designs, welcome to the world of gems you should follow and learn from ….FOR FREE.

 1. @zevenesh – This dude is crazy with the weights and is also my brother. He doesn’t need promo, and always impressed me by creating a brand that was all about “doing the work.” If youlook at his work, he does a video every single day called #stronglife tip of the day. It is simple reminders for the hustle and a good way to start your day if you always end up on social media. His hard core attitude is something I like to bring into my rap world of business.
2. @garyvee – before all the fame he has now, I was bum rushing his SXSWI keynote speech with @flexmathews and free styling about twitter. He also sold my bro a one on one consultation lunch at Taco bell. He is the master of everything and is now one of the coolest dudes to follow. Point is ifyou don’t really follow what he does, you won’t come close to bringing your hustle to the next level. What Gary does now is the unification of all industries in one room.
3. @jimkwik – this guy runs a way to make you read really fast and help you memory and also has an amazing aesthetic for his brand. The middle section of his instagram is all screen shots of his twitter posts. My favorite one is “what’s your favorite word”from May 20. The interaction can teach you a lot and of course you can subscribe to his podcast.
4.  (1)@Meirkay – follow this guy because his whole timeline is positive. He is youtube that isn’t on youtube as much as it is on Facebook. With 1,000,000 + Facebook fans, he only has 22k on instagram.  Good news is you can learn a lot from your target market how they create clever videos to direct traffic to his amazing videos, yet also see that you can do it alone and be pretty big.
5. @toopoor – This girl is well…pretty dark. She isn’t a rapper. She isn’t a model. She is toopoor. She makes her own clothes, is very rare, and takes offensive and provocative pics that make reaction happen. She has a theme to her gram. Notice how it is not anything else except one color…and also has live streams where she proves silence is captivating for hundreds of people.
6. @bartbaker – this guys is aweomse. I met him and decided to follow him, not realizing he has over 1million followers. Not only does he do the best parodies in the net, but he does the best parodies and has great strategy for increasing his fans. He uses instructional posts to increase visibility and also taught me about pinned comments in live stream for instagram.
7. @thecobrasnake // @cobrafitnessclub –  Cobra snake is sort of a legend photographer in LA. He was taking pics back in the day before Steve Aoki was blowing up and DJ AM as well. Now he runs a fitness club which I 100% can attest to how it has helped me. He has a interesting instagram style, with tons of tasteful people who interact with it, from famous super models to musicians and entrepreneurs. It is all free and is a good example of branding and description. Hot. Sexy. Fitness. 
8. @rabbiyamstein – this is a good example of a Finstagram. A Finstagram is a joke, or one whereyou show your friends your ass and can be your secret. I haven’t started on up yet, but @rabbiyamstein is a good one for example. Gotta side project that you think can blow? 
@modsun – I gotta say this guy knows who to interact with his fans. He is an inspiration to me for consistency and always believing in his brand. His album is called Movie. Not once did he ever not say the word “movie” in his instagram story for like the past year. For your own sake watch him. Warning, he is literally that happy all the time. Double warning; his music is dope.
10 @rave_nailz – Do you ever have something out of the box that shouldn’t be fitted with something else? Rave Nailz is my graphic designer @braelinn , but is certainly different from her personal pages. Notice how she never leaves and isn’t too pushy with the sales? I want to know where to buy it more and follow for more content vs get hassled to buy. Now that I am saying all that, I want to get some nails for my friends. 
 I know you think a hashtag is gonna get you more followers and likes, but when your content is so good, is hash tagging more of an artistic vibe versus the actual monitor of finding you ? A little bit of both I must say. All these grams are good for you to stay up on, and you can take bits and pieces from each one to create your own thing.
With that being said, if you love this article, take a pic of it and tag me on instagram. I’m @Koshadillz.
Kosha Dillz is currently in Israel in a small town called QIryat Tivon. he tours frequently and has played Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, A3C and even has a gig coming up on July 27  in Los Angeles with Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you are interested in getting a ticket and knowing more, email him at rapperfriends@gmail.comcheck his tour dates here on bandsintown.

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