10 Free Sites For Sharing Your Music

Share-your-musicAs they work to establish their careers, artists will work to get as much music in front of their audience as possible, but just using music aggregators like Tunecore or Distrokid may not be enough. Here we look at ten other free options for sharing your music.


Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

Unless you’ve already got a hit, you’re still establishing your career, and that means getting your music in front of anyone who will listen. Unfortunately some artists are content to just use an aggregator like Tunecore, Distrokid or CD Baby and hope for the best. Music discovery is what it’s all about though, so the more places you share your music to, the more chance you have of picking up fans. Here are 10 sites that you might want to share your music to in order to be exposed to a wider audience (some of the following comes from a Musictech article that I expanded on a bit).

AudioMack – Music is ranked in real-time with its proprietary popularity engine. Specializes in hip-hop, electronic and reggae.

Bandcamp – Although this has been more of a jack-of-all-trades site for artists and bands, it’s been pushing the music discovery feature much more recently.

Jamendo Music – This is more of a licensing site for television and film music, but that’s okay. Another source of revenue is always good to have.

Logamp – This is a site that tries be be like SoundCloud, but goes beyond music to art and literature as well.

Music Xray – Although this caters more to artists and music professionals, there is a fan portal that actually pays fans to test drive new music.

1ReverbNation – Similar to Bandcamp, and like that site, is trying hard to be a discovery portal for fans.

SoundClick – This used to be centered around hip-hop and dance music but has expanded to all genres. There are a lot of social aspects available as well.

SoundCloud – What artist or band doesn’t have a SoundCloud account? If you want to easily share your music, this is the place to be.

Vimeo – This is the alternative to YouTube. It has a much smaller audience, but better quality, and is a good video adjunct to YT.

UnnamedYouTube – Here’s another one that needs to be a necessity on every artist’s sharing list. It’s influence on the music side is starting to wane a bit, but it’s too big to ignore.

It takes some work to get your music on all these sites, but if you can expand your audience even a little then bit it’s worth it. Best of all, all of these sites have free tiers so it won’t cost you anything either.

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