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WINTER NAMM 2014: Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal

Fender FVP1 Pedal
I’ve posted about a few volume pedals recently and each one has had a very striking look, the Fender FVP-1 is no exception. I’m not sure if those holes drilled into the top of the pedal are just for aesthetic reasons or to add grip but they certainly give it a unique design feature to remember it by. Also this is a passive pedal, no batteries or power sources required.

Press release
The Fender FVP-1 pedal is a passive volume foot pedal designed for guitar and bass. The rocker-style pedal controls volume using a passive 250k potentiometer with a high-life cycle for reliable, quiet operation. Tone is maintained at any volume, and the special tone circuit retains high-end clarity as volume is reduced without becoming dark or muddy.

The input, output and tuner jacks are located on the front panel for easy access, and the tuner jack allows silent tuning during live performances. The pedal motion is smooth and predictable with user-adjustable resistance. With valuable space at a premium on most pedal boards, the FVP-1 is compact enough to make an efficient and conveniently sized addition. Its base and pedal are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum with a durable hammertone powder-coat finish on the base. No batteries or other power sources are required.

Head over to fender.com for more details.

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