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Tom Marshall Shares Unreleased Trey Anastasio Demo

In February of 2006, Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio
embarked on one of his songwriting trips with his longtime friend and lyricist Tom
. Last year, Tom shared a demo from the
and yesterday he posted another previously-unreleased demo the pair
recorded during
the trip.

The song Tom shared is titled “Obstacle Of Course” and was played by the Trey
Anastasio Band three times in early 2010. Anastasio dedicated the February 11, 2010
debut of the tune to Tom and his daughter Anna. “Obstacle Of Course” hasn’t been
performed publicly by Trey since February 27, 2010.

Here’s what Tom wrote to accompany the demo on his Soundcloud page:

Another from the “Cook Cabin” session on 2/24/2006. A “you’re your worst enemy”
kind of song I guess…although not something I’d ordinarily preach to anyone. At the
time Brad Sands really liked it and said it should be a Phish song. I felt the same
way. That never really happened since Phish then took a lengthy break. Although it
was played 3 times by the Trey Anastasio Band in 2010…possibly because I was in the
audience…but then never again. So here’s the first original version.

Let’s take a listen:

Check out fan-shot footage of TAB’s live version of “Obstacle Of Course”:


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