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Timber Tones – Anodised Aluminium ‘Fusion Tones’ Picks

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Wow how cool do this Anodised Aluminium guitar picks look from Timber Tones (yes they do more than just wooden picks despite their name), I recently tested a metal pick for the first time and loved it I might just have to give these a try. I think the Red looks pretty special.

Fusion Tones are not your typical thin metal pick. Where many create metal plectrums out of a thin sheet of metal, Fusion Tones are CNC milled from Solid Aluminium billet. Fusion Tones are profiled and are fully functionnal, optimised playing tools giving the guitarist an excellent feedback when playing.

The Fusion Tones are all hard anodised. This process gives them both an excellent grip and a comfortable, slightly grainy touch. Anodising Aluminium also prevents metal dust clouds from forming during use, which let’s face it, would not be convenient.


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