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Tcha Limberger: Moldovan Music / Gypsy Violin / Ion Dragoi

Tcha Limberger – Moldovan Music / Gypsy Violin / Ion Dragoi (Lesson Excerpt)
Lesson, transcriptions, and backing track available at : COMING SOON FALL 2013

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Excerpt from “In The Style Of Tcha Limberger Guitar & Violin”

Tcha Limberger performs music from Moldova “Corăgheasca bătrânilor” composed or made famous by Ion Dragoi.

Includes transcriptions in TAB and standard notation, as well as detailed video explanations.

Tcha Limberger was born in a ‘Manouche’ family with a long-standing musical tradition (his grandfather was the legendary Piotto Limberger). Both his father Vivi, singer and guitar player, and his Flemish mother raised him to understand and appreciate their respective cultures. As a child, Tcha was determined to become a flamenco singer. At age twelve, he started playing the clarinet, joining the family orchestra ‘The Piotto’s’

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