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George Clinton

Let’s get it out of the way. That title… one of the best in recent memory. Then again, what else should we expect from the man who arrived in the Mothership to bestow on the world funk albums with titles like Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin The Tale (more…) ...

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Ampeg VT-22

Preamp tubes: four 7025 (12AX7 types) Output tubes: two 5881 (a more-rugged 6L6 type), fixed-bias Rectifier: solidstate Controls: Bass Instrument channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; Normal channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; shared: Presence Output: 50 watts RMS Insiders from the golden era of the New Jersey amp manufacturer have frequently (more…) ...

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Framus Introduces Legacy Acoustic Series

Framus’ Legacy acoustic series includes four models made with solid spruce or solid mahogany tops, coated strings, bone saddle and nut, and inlays made of abalone and mother of pearl. Acoustic/electrics are equipped with a Fishman Isys Plus preamp and Sonicore pickup. For more, visit (more…) ...

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Wampler Intros Plexi-Drive Deluxe

Wampler’s Plexi-Drive Deluxe is based on the company’s Plexi-Drive, and adds an active three-band Bass/Mids/Treble EQ stack. Its bass boost is designed to help emulate the low-end thump of a 4×12″ cabinet even at lower volume, the Bright switch add highs, and its pre-gain Boost (more…) ...

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Mod Kits DIY Offers Contortionist II

Mod Kits DIY’s Contortionist II is an all-analog fuzz with frequency multiplier circuitry that creates harmonics that swell and recede depending on gain setting, pick attack, neck position, and pickup. It has a Tone control and LED indicator, and operates on a 9-volt (more…) ...

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Alan Parsons

For the recording enthusiast, Alan Parsons talking about recording techniques is cherry stuff. Parsons of course was the assistant engineer on The Beatles’ Let It Be and Abbey Road, and the engineer on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. That’s just the tip of (more…) ...

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Jonny Wickersham

Best known as the Les Paul Junior-slinging guitarist stage left of Mike Ness in Social Distortion, Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham speaks with a laid-back SoCal drawl and peppers his conversation with modest asides. The uninitiated would never suspect he has just dropped his first solo record, (more…) ...

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