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Carvin Launches VX Cabinets

Carvin VX cabinets are hand-made in the U.S. from Baltic birch with internal bracing, removable rear ports for sealed-/open-back sounds, 100-watt speakers, and 1×12, 2×12, or 4×12 configurations in black or optional vinyl coverings. (more…) ...

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Rio Grande Offers Thunderbass Pickups

Rio Grande’s Thunderbass pickups are replacement units for Thunderbird-style basses. They have two- and three-point mounting options (each with a different footprint), four-conductor leads, Alnico V magnets, and measure an average output of 16k-ohm (neck) and 18k-ohm (bridge). (more…) ...

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Mod Kits DIY Offers Step Ladder Attenuator

Mod Kits DIY’s The Step Ladder kit is a passive-input attenuator with true-bypass mode and toggle switches to control attenuation. Its treble-bleed capacitors allow the user to retain crisp high frequencies even at maximum attenuation, and its enclosure measures 3¾” x 1½” x1¼” . (more…) ...

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Demeter Launches Tremulator Plus

The Demeter Tremulator Plus is based on the company’s classic Tremulator pedal, upgraded to include a Bias control to adjust on/off ratio. Its clock waveform can be adjusted to a pure triangle (smooth up/down volume), normal flattened triangle (smooth up/down volume with strong on/off), (more…) ...

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Howard Massey

Recording studios comprise the secret history of rock and roll, those clandestine lairs where many of the greatest albums of our lifetimes were recorded. If you’re an avid liner-notes reader, you already know most of the greatest British studios by heart: Abbey Road (more…) ...

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Alan Ravenscroft

This rockumentary delves into the career of the enigmatic Deep Purple guitar hero, from his early ’60s session work through Deep Purple, Rainbow, and recent work with Blackmore’s Night. Beer in hand, Ritchie is interviewed extensively, offering his typically dour, but amusing takes (more…) ...

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Guerrilla Unconventional Warfare Humbuckers

Guerrilla Warfare Pickups’ Unconventional Warfare models are high-output/wax-potted humbuckers (21.9K ohm neck, 19.3K bridge) made with ceramic magnets and four-conductor shielded leads. They can be ordered individually or as a calibrated set with a hot or milder PAF-style for the neck. Learn more at (more…) ...

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Michael Kelly Offers Striped Ebony Custom Model

Michael Kelly Guitar Company’s Custom Collection Patriot Striped Ebony guitar has a striped-ebony top and mahogany body with five-ply white/black binding, mahogany set neck with single-ply white binding, rosewood fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and pearl bone inlays, string-through-body tailpiece, tune-o-matic-style bridge (more…) ...

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