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D’Angelico’s EX-DC and EX-SD

D’Angelico’s EX-DC and EX-SD Price: $1,769 list/$1,259 street (EX-DC); $1,659 list/$1,185 street (EX-SD) Info: John D’Angelico produced just 1,164 guitars during his career on Kenmare Street in New York City, but each was a remarkable instrument created at the height of the jazz era. (more…) ...

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Gibson GA-200 Rhythm King

Preamp tubes: two 12AX7, one 12AY7, two 6BJ8, two 6SK7, one 6V6 (used as a voltage divider) Output tubes: two 6550 Rectifier: GZ34 Controls: Ch1: Volume, Treble, Bass; Ch2: Volume, Treble, Bass, Compressor Speakers: two 12" Norelco/Phillips twin-cone speakers Output: (more…) ...

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Aguilar Offers Chorusaurus bass chorus

Aguilar Amplification’s Chorusaurus bass chorus pedal uses a four-knob layout with Mix (to vary the ratio of dry and wet signals), Rate, Depth, and Width. The unit offers stereo or mono output, 9-volt battery or AC compatibility, and a steel housing. See more at   (more…) ...

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Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive

The Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive uses a single Drive control to balance the ratio of clean and driven signal. The design offers a unity-gain buffer and produces clean boost to overdrive using a passive tone circuit with discrete signal paths. Visit (more…) ...

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DigiTech iStomp

DigiTech iStomp Price: $149.95 Info: If you’re the type of gearhead who turns heel and runs from DSP effects, let alone any equipment with a lower-case “i” in front of its name, set your preconceptions aside and dig into the DigiTech iStomp – (more…) ...

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Dutch Kazoo Analog Fuzz Pedal

Dutch Kazoo Analog Fuzz Pedal Price: $225 retail Info: It’s not easy for a new boutique overdrive or distortion pedal to stand out in today’s thick fog of clipped signals, high gains, and crunchy fuzz. After all, properly tweaked, they all can be made to (more…) ...

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Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett’s sleepy slacker persona might be a put-on, but what this young Aussie may (or may not) lack in what the older folks call “gumption,” she compensates for with droll, witty lyrics dosed with indie lo-fi and ’60s garage psych. Comprising Miss Barnett’s prior limited (more…) ...

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Gries 5

Gries 5 Price: $879 Info: The Fender Champ is one of the most popular amps of all time. Offering great tone at low volumes, it’s ideal for both practice and recording. Many of today’s top builders offer accurate-sounding replicas. One of them, Dave Gries, came up (more…) ...

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National N-275

Gibson is widely known for its guitars, mandolins, and banjos, but many are unaware the company built instruments for nearly 30 brands for several distributors and music store chains, primarily from the 1920s through the early ’40s. Some of the best-known names include Kalamazoo, distributed by Gibson, and Recording King, which was distributed by Montgomery […] ...

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