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Joanna Connor

Her overnight success was decades in the making, but a video gone viral of a jaw-dropping slide guitar performance at the 2014 North Atlantic Blues Festival has helped bring Joanna Connor to the world. With nearly a half a million views, the performance displays scholarly blues virtuosity and crowd-pleasing pyrotechnics. In recent years, she has […] ...

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Electro-Harmonix Offers Lester G Rotary Sim

The Electro-Harmonix Lester G Rotary Speaker pedal has a three-way adjustable compressor that complements controls for Volume, Drive, Slow, Fast, Balance, Speed/Brake, and an Acceleration control that sets the rate of transition between Fast and Slow modes; it can be adjusted from nearly instant to gradual. (more…) ...

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PureSalem, 323 Offer SalemFuzz Effects

PureSalem Guitars and 323 Effects are teaming up to offer limited-run effects pedals in a series called the SalemFuzz Project. First in line are the PinkBeard high-gain/transistor fuzz, the Honey Bunny ’90s-style fuzz, and the Attack Captain ’60s-style fuzz. All are made in the U.S. with true-bypass switching, an aluminum enclosure with screen-printed graphics and fluted […] ...

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Babicz Offers Z Series Bass Bridge

Babicz Full Contact Hardware’s Z Series Bass Bridge has aluminum eCAM saddles, a bent-steel base plate, and allows the player to adjust action as high or low as desired while maintaining maximum string transference. It works as a direct replacement for Precision- and Jazz-style bridges. (more…) ...

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Avante Gryphon

Avante Gryphon Price: $1,495 (street) Info: People bandy about the term “game changer” so often these days it barely means a thing, but the Avante Gryphon may be just that. Avante is the import line of Joe Veillette, who has long been crafting fine (more…) ...

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