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Gary Clark Jr.

If listeners haven’t figured out that Gary Clark Jr. is more than a blues revivalist, his second full-length studio album should provide a cold hard slap of reality. This disc shows fans – as well as any eye-rolling skeptics – what he’s truly made of. As producer, Clark also wrote, arranged, and played most of […] ...

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The Lovin’ Spoonful

In their short existence from 1965 to ’67, the original Lovin’ Spoonful – singer-guitarist John Sebastian, guitarist Zal Yanovsky, bassist Steve Boone, and drummer-vocalist Joe Butler – parlayed the acoustic jug band music of the ’60s folk (more…) ...

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Heather Woods Broderick

Heather Woods Broderick’s trip to her second album is an interesting road taken. These days it’s practically an anomaly. After releasing her first album in 2009, the singer-songwriter spent five years playing guitar in other artist’s bands, just one of the cats in (more…) ...

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Robert Cray

Robert Cray is a soul singin’, blues playin’ genius. You might want to believe he had a master plan to separate himself from the glut of “keeping the blues alive” flag wavers in the early ’80s, but his evolution was natural, as well as collaborative. In an era of new wave and punk, Cray sidestepped […] ...

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It’s simplistic to say, but as these two box-sets of 10 discs apiece show, Chicago’s history really consists of two bands: one with Terry Kath as lead guitarist, one of the vocalists, a major songwriter, and all-round supplier of soul; the other a somewhat (more…) ...

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Keith Richards

The old pirate may have just turned 72, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed him down. Welcome to Keith Richards’ third solo album – and his first in 23 years. The album arrived in the midst of the hoopla surrounding the Rolling Stones’ (more…) ...

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Roland’s Blues Cube Artist

Roland’s Blues Cube Artist Price: $1,169 (list)/$899 (street) Contact: Roland has reinvented and relaunched its Blues Cube combos with a series featuring Roland’s exclusive Tube Logic design that carefully emulates the preamp and poweramp tube responses of classic tube amps. (more…) ...

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