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Gretsch 6120 Tenor

Photo courtesy Gruhn Guitars. This 1958 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 four-string tenor guitar is a very rare variation of the model. Gretsch built other tenors, including the Duo Jet, archtop acoustic, and archtop electric tenors of various other models. Gretsch was not alone in making tenors. Martin, Gibson, and Epiphone all produced tenor versions of many of their standard models. Tenor guitars were popular i ...

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3rd Power Dream Weaver

3rd Power Dream Weaver Price: $3.299 Info: Purchasing a new amp is much more than buying a piece of gear – think of it as hiring out a job. In most cases, you hope this new employee will help you sound great, cover the required tonal bases, prove reliable, and have the right amount of volume on tap. In this context, Jamie Scott’s 3rd Power amps are talented and versatile job candidates tha ...

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Blackstar ID:30TVP

Blackstar ID:30TVP Price: $399.99 Info: Since forming in 2007, Blackstar has been building user-friendly amplifiers and attracting high-profile artists like Leslie West, Neal Schon, and Gus G. The company’s ID series would seem to represent the next logical step: Blackstar’s first digital non-tube amp line. The 30-watt entry in the ID series has many of the same features and function ...

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Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-1

Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-1 Price: $299.95 Info: Brimstone Audio is a relatively new company that hit the ground running, entering the stomp-box arena with some innovative ideas that offer tone geeks unparalleled aural flexibility. The XD-1, for example, is essentially two amps in a box. It allows the user to generate the kind of layered sounds one might hear on their f ...

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Gibson’s 17″ Pre-War Electrics

1940 ES-300 with serial number 96531.ES-300 SN 96531: Lynn Wheelwright. Among musicians and collectors, Gibson’s pre-World-War-II ES-300 may be less popular today than the ES-250, but in terms of sheer numbers, it was Gibson’s most popular 17″ pre-war electric, despite the adverse context of the early 1940s. Truth is, most of the more-prominent guitarists of the period continued to favor installing an old-s ...

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D’Angelico’s EXL-1 and EX-SS

3rd Power Solo Dream/Switchback amps Price: $1,859 list/$1,149 street (EXL-1); $1,999 list/$1,409 street (EX-SS) Info: Images of John D’Angelico crafting masterpieces in his Little Italy shop haunt guitar enthusiasts to this day, implying an era of lost glory. Happily, D’Angelico guitars, long inaccessible to average guitarists, are being revived and reinterpreted in a manner that ...

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Custom-Order Gibson B-45-12

Photos: William Ritter. Instrument courtesy of George Gruhn. The term “rare” is applied to guitars in far too many instances. Usually an appealing term, its overuse can be attributed in part to the fact it’s particularly catchy to the eye of anyone fond of a collectible vintage instrument. The subject here this month, however, is truly deserving of the label. A custom-order Gibson B-45-12 bearing serial num ...

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Arliss McMinn and the California Playboys

(ABOVE) The California Playboys, loaded with Fender gear; Jack McClure (left) with the third Precision Bass made by Leo Fender, Arlis McMinn with his refinished Fender Esquire with serial number 0095, Kay Francis with her Dual Pro doubleneck lap steel, and Harold Courtright with his (modified) Fender Esquire, serial number 0009. “What started in California?” you ask. The list includes a broad range of inven ...

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Musicvox Spaceranger Guitar and Bass HT

Musicvox Spaceranger Guitar and Bass HT Price: $799 (guitar); $899 (bass) Info: Popularized in film and television, Musicvox Spacerangers have drawn attention for their mondo lower horn and freakishly huge headstock. Purists turn up their noses, but countless others dig the Euro-cheapo aesthetic. Users have included country star Keith Urban, of all people, and the late jam-band bass hero A ...

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