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Sound Check

by Richard Gilewitz In regards to a successful performance, at this point I’m convinced it all comes down to a combination of elements such as repertoire, momentum, execution of the selected pieces, the player’s personality, and for me one of the most important items – exquisite sound quality. There are, without a doubt, a multitude of other points that can be made about what’s involved in a good show ...

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Guitar Scale Length

by Tom Bills What is it and why is it so important?   For many guitar players the concept of scale length may be something that they have heard of once or twice but never really understood. Many players may simply view it as a measure of how close or far apart the frets will be on the fingerboard. While that is a component of the guitars’ scale length, it is only the tip of the iceberg when considerin ...

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Don’t Be Weak at the Bar

Richard Gilewitz If I had to pick one topic students and players have asked me about regarding difficulties in playing the guitar, I still believe I would lean towards addressing the frustrations that are shared when beginners (in particular) attempt bar chords. While observing some players as they approach applying bar chords within tunes, I often sense that it might be somewhat similar to when we are driv ...

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