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Zal Cleminson

Dressed up as a mad puppet in white face, you couldn’t miss Zal Cleminson as he prowled stages with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in the ’70s. A glorious oddity of the times, Scotland’s wackiest band merged theatrics, a self-made mythology (“Vambo Rool”), Cleminson’s incredibly strange and lyrical riffs, and Harvey’s almost unintelligible Scottish burr into a celebration of frenetic bombast. SAHB outlive ...

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Zakk Wylde's Blakk Magic

It’s not just Zakk Wylde’s guitar sound and stage persona that are over-the-top huge. From his inextinguishable passion for practicing guitar to his unquenchable thirst for beer, his ever-growing biceps to his ever-growing beard, his massive herd of Gibsons and Marshalls to the monster pickup he drives (is that thing even street legal?), everything about this guy is larger than life—everything, that is, exc ...

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Free Range Twang

Getting the chance to record an album with a multi-platinum superstar is cool. But to have the New York Times review of that album call your guitar playing “disruptive and bizarre” is downright sweet. In this case, the guitarist is Telemaster Jim Campilongo, and the album is The Little Willies [Milking Bull]—a band project of the same name that’s soaked in the classic country of Bob Wills and Hank Williams, ...

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Tom Petty: 30 Years & Counting

“We were just listening to Buck Owens ON THE way over here,” says Tom Petty as he settles into an easy chair at the Heartbreakers’ rehearsal studio after spending most of the day stuck in L.A. traffic. “I was in this band called the Epics when I was 16, and we used to go out on road trips on the weekends. A lot of times, we’d be driving back from the gig, and we’d pull into these truck stops where I’d hear ...

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