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R.E.M. Offering Never-Before-Released <em>Unplugged</em> Set for Record Store Day

<img src='' alt='R.E.M. Offering Never-Before-Released Unplugged Set for Record Store Day' align="left" border="0" />For the first time ever, the complete R.E.M. sessions from 1991 and 2001 are together in one package for Record Store Day, which takes place on April 19 this year. ...

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Five Good Reasons to Record ALL your Playing

In today’s ultra-busy world, time to do what we all love — play guitar — is at a premium. Working musicians are on the road or in the studio playing gigs, or on the phone or computer scheduling more gigs. And for working Janes and Joes who play — even musical weekend warriors (and I use that term with respect, because if you rock, you rock) — the pressures of balancing a day job and personal life with any s ...

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What the Heck is PLEK?

New Gibson guitars have a reputation for dialed-in, off-the-shelf playability. To fine-tune and assure that highly desirably quality, Gibson has invested in state-of-the-art fret-dressing PLEK machines. The first two arrived at the Gibson Custom Shop in 2006, but as of this year every instrument built by both Gibson USA and the Custom Shop will benefit from the PLEKing process. ...

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Five Ways I Was Wrong About Automatic Tuning

I first became seriously involved with Gibson because of the HD.6X Pro hex guitar, and even put a two-piece band together based on it. Then one day Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson’s Chairman and CEO, called to say if I liked the HD.6X Pro, I was really going to like Gibson’s latest development—the Robot Guitar. “Craig, it’s a guitar that tunes itself!” ...

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Record Store Day and the Vinyl Frontier

You would think that with decades of development, we’d be listening to music in a digital form so advanced that it would feel like the musicians are right there in the room with you. And sure, that’s what it’s like if you’re using a very high-end sound system with a lossless medium. ...

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Royal Bliss’ Taylor Richards: The Les Paul is the Only Fit for Me

Royal Bliss first got together in the late-’90s in Salt Lake City and quickly became one of the hardest-working touring acts in the area. When it comes to the mix of melodic-yet-tough rock ‘n’ roll found on the band’s latest album, Chasing the Sun, guitarist Taylor Richards says the band’s songwriting process involves a lot of jamming. ...

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