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Gibson ES-350T “Well-Suited” to Chuck Berry, Say Authors

In their recent book, “Play It Loud,” authors Alan Di Perna and Brad Tolinski write: “The Gibson ES-350T was particularly well suited to Berry’s gyrations. In the mid Fifties, electric guitar players had two choices: either a full hollow-body or a compact solid-body. Gibson had been receiving requests from players for something in-between the two styles, so in 1955 their first “thinline” electrics were deve ...

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This Week in Rock History, October 16 – 22

Historically speaking, this week in rock music has been marked by a trove of memorable events. The most pop band in rock history make their television debut, one of heavy metal’s greatest bands kicked off their third U.S. tour, and classic rock favorites Santana made a spectacular comeback. ...

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