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James Bay Talks Gibsons

In the interview Bay discusses his beloved ’66 Epiphone Century as well a P-90-loaded ES-335, a Gibson Les Paul Junior and a couple of Gibson J-200 acoustics. ...

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Rag-Time: How to Clean Your Guitar for Better Tone

The best — and least expensive — way to improve your guitar’s appearance, as well as its tone, is to administer a thorough cleaning. But there are a few guidelines that need to be followed when tackling the dirt, grease, perspiration and smoke that may have accumulated on your guitar, either from regular use or neglect; otherwise you risk permanently damaging the quality and resonance of your instrument. Wh ...

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Should Guns N’ Roses Record a New Album?

There are many rumors concerning the upcoming Guns N’ Roses reunion shows regarding who is in the band, and how many shows they will do. Another burning question is if the band will record any new material after the tour. Do you think they should? ...

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