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Rolling Stones Nab “Album of the Year” Honors at U.K. Event

As he collected the Stones’ prize for Blues Artist of the Year, Jagger admitted that he initially had reservations about releasing the band’s Blue & Lonesome album. “We were making another record, and we made [Blue & Lonesome] sort of in between,” he said. “[The record label] were the ones that said, ‘This sounds really great. We want to put it out... Everyone's going to love it.’ So I want to thank ...

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Recalls Lou Reed, <em>Lulu</em> Album

<img src='http://images.gibson.com/Lifestyle/2017/Metallica_Lulu_ttt.jpg' alt='Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Recalls Lou Reed, Lulu Album' align="left" border="0" />Metallica has posted a chat between Iggy Pop and Lars Ulrich on the Metallica website. A large portion of the chat centers on Lulu, the collaborative album Metallica made with Lou Reed back in 2011. Ulrich revealed that Reed was d ...

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Elton John Recuperating from Dangerous Infection

A representative for Elton John said the singer became “violently ill” during a recent flight to the U.K. from Santiago, Chili, and was hospitalized immediately. John, who has since been discharged from the hospital, is “expected to make a full recovery.” ...

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Landmark Iggy Pop Solo Albums to Get Vinyl Reissue

The albums are especially significant as documents of the period during which Pop and David Bowie worked together while living in Berlin in the mid to late ‘70s. Bowie produced and co-wrote all the material on The Idiot, and did much of the same for Lust for Life—both of which were released in 1977. He played keyboards on TV Eye Live. ...

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10 Guitar Greats Who Tend to Get Overlooked

Ask any rock fan to name the genre’s greatest guitarists, and chances are you’ll be handed a list that’s fairly predictable. In the profiles below we’ve attempted to give due credit to 10 great players who likely would not appear on that list. ...

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