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Rare 1980 Van Halen Photos Unearthed

The Van Halen News Desk has unearthed some rare photos of Van Halen shaking things up at the Rocklahoma festival on September 6, 1980, featuring both Eddie Van Halen and future Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar playing their Gibson Les Pauls. ...

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5 Must-See Gibson Bands at Louder than Life Festival

Fall is here, and that means the end of outdoor summer concert season. Louder than Life festival, scheduled to take place Oct. 4 and 5 in Louisville, Ky., is one of the final outdoor summer music festivals of the year in North America, and the inaugural lineup is mighty indeed. ...

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Get On Up: Guitarist Robert Lee Coleman on Playing with James Brown

In the acclaimed bio-pic, Get On Up, soul singer James Brown is depicted not only as a funk pioneer but also as a strict disciplinarian. Guitarist Robert Lee Coleman experienced that perfectionist nature firsthand. As a member of Brown’s legendary band, The J.B.’s, Coleman played with the Godfather of Soul from 1970 till 1973. “If you were playing good, he would tell you that,” recalls Coleman. “If you play ...

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Locking in on Grace Notes on the Bass

A lot of the time, a bass player’s role is to hold down a solid foundation while the other guys go off into their own flights of fancy. It’s all about maintaining a steady rhythm and providing a bridge between the drums and the guitar, keys, vocals, whatever your band has. But there’s much more to it than simply being a reliable rhythmic anchor. ...

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Primal Scream Guitarist Robert “Throb” Young Has Died

Robert "Throb" Young, the former guitarist for Primal Scream, has died. He was just 49 years old. According to The Guardian, he was found dead in his home in Sussex, England on Tuesday. The cause of death has not yet been revealed, though it is “not being treated as suspicious,” The Guardian reports. ...

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Five Tips on Picking and Muting

Guitar players spend a lot of time talking about gear — because it’s awesome!!!! — but the most important factors in your tone are your hands and your head. The conceptual and physical aspects of how you approach guitar play a crucial role in determining your sound. ...

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