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T-Model Ford: 94 year old blues man passes. RIP

This video posted just months before T-Model Ford’s death… RIP

T-Model Ford’s wife, Stella gave me rights to these images – no copyright infringement. I own the photos. The Blues Doctor is helping pass time while you view vintage photos of T-Model, who is not about 94 years old, the oldest living blues singer in the world. For about 4 months now, He is now in poor health – no is long able to perform. He perform all through his 90’s, strongly, until his last spell of sickness. He often talked about how he loved playing and picking the blues, an wouldn’t stopped until he could no longer perform.

T-Model Ford Photo Slide Show – 94-Year Old Mississippi Blues Man Blues Doctor Singing Background

read an interesting article T-Model Ford: http://www.bluesart.at/NeueSeiten/2004LBTMF.html

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