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Suhr Minify The KokoBoost, KokoBoost Reloaded

In May of 2009, we shipped our very first Koko Boost pedal. Koko’s unique design incorporated both a transparent clean boost and a selectable midrange boost which extended the range of your tube amplifier and Overdrive and/or Distortion pedals.

Wow has it been that long? The original KokoBoost has always been one of my favourite pedals, I really loved the Mid Boost side for punching through in the mix for leads. When I saw this pedal I thought oh cool they have made a mini version just using a mini toggle to decide which of the two boosts to select, set it and forget it type of thing, however this is not the case! Suhr have developed something they are calling Multi-Function Technology mf(x) which is a proprietary foot switch technology that enables you to seamlessly select between Koko Reloaded’s two distinct user modes, Clean and Mid, just by holding down it’s foot switch. “Would you like to default to one mode in particular the next time you turn on Koko? Not a problem; mf(x) has built in memory that remembers your last mode choice.” Very cool!

The 3-position frequency switch has been re-voiced and Suhr have added +6dB more gain compared to the original KokoBoost for increased harmonics and sustain.

For more information, visit the Suhr website at: www.suhr.com/KokoBoost-Reloaded/

Suhr kokoBoost reloaded

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