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STS9 Releases Two Full Shows on TourGigs



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TourGigs.com has added two more fantastic shows to its
growing catalog of live music video available for both
download and purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray. The latest additions are two shows from STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) from the Georgia
Theatre in Athens, GA from March
and March 22 2013.

Video previews of both “2001” (with a horn section,) and “Squares and Cubes” are available below along with write-ups
courtesy of TourGigs for both shows.

On March 21st and 22nd of this year, STS9 returned to their home state of Georgia for two sold out shows at
Athens’ Georgia Theatre. The spectacular shows featured the band blowing the roof off the venue while Lighting
Designer Saxton Waller filled every inch of the venue with beautiful lights. The bass was loud, the fans were wild, the
music was on point and TourGigs was there to capture every minute of it! These two performances showcased both old
and new STS9 songs. Night one started off with 3 covers including a bustout debut of Outkast’s
“Spottieottiedopaliscious”, “2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra)” and “King Pharaoh’s Tomb” all featuring a horn section.
Night two continued the trend of balancing old and new STS9 tracks and had fans raging as hard as ever. These two
shows were captured with 13 HD cameras so prepare to watch STS9 like you’ve never seen them before!

NIGHT 1: STS9 returned home to Athens’ own Georgia Theatre for two sold out shows. From STS9’s
humble beginnings all the way to the band’s rise to dominance as one of the most successful electronic rock bands in
the country, this historic venue has seen it all. The band debuted their raucous cover of a hometown favorite, Outkast’s
“SpottieOttieDopaliscous,” a fitting opener that drove the local Georgia crowd wild. STS9 powered through covers of the
legendary classic ” 2001(Also Sprach Zarathustra)” and “King Pharaoh’s Tomb,” all replete with a stellar horn section.
There were new favorites like “Vapors” and “Simulator” mixed among fan-favorite classics like “Moon Socket.” The
second set launched with a huge performance of “Bigs” and an intense performance of “T.W.E.L.V.E” At the peak of the
show’s energy, the band blew the roof off with “Inspire Strikes Back,” a song they’ve been playing in this venue for the
past fifteen years. All this time later, the track still had the power to transform the whole venue into one massive dance

NIGHT 2: STS9 erupted on the Georgia Theatre for the second night of their Athens run. The dedicated fan
base from their home state was treated to an incredible show that had them buzzing from the get go. The band played
an explosive “Scheme” to start, followed immediately by the classic “Artifact” track “Vibyl”, featuring David Murphy’s
beautifully smooth bass line. A rowdy “Instantly” had the crowd worked into a frenzy and only the beautiful version of
“Circus” that followed could allow the fans a break to observe Lighting Designer Saxton Waller’s incredible work to the
backdrop of the inspiring tune. The old favorites kept coming with “Warrior”, “Arigato” and “Blu Mood”, which features a
masterful guitar riff nailed by Hunter Brown. To kick off the second set, the band performed a dance-inducing version
of “Kabuki”. Set 2 continued the trend of STS9’s most recent tour theme that blend the old with the new. Established
favorites “F.Word” and “One A Day” were played amidst “20-12” and “March”, both newer songs that are redefining
electronic rock. During Rent, David Phipps’ now famous haunting synthesizer riff had Athens fans waving their arms in
unison. A powerful encore started with the funky “Wika Chikana”. The band closed with “Kamuy”, a song featuring Zach
Velmer and Jeffree Lerner dueling on drums, showcasing the heartbeat of STS9. This show is a must-have for STS9 fans
old and new!

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