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Stormy Mondays | Live Garcia And Wales

Today marks the first installment of Dan Alford’s long-running Stormy Mondays
column on JamBase. Each Monday Alford puts together a selection of choice (and legal) live
tracks from one of a wide variety of artists he digs for our downloading pleasure.

The Garcia-Wales relationship is both storied and obscure. Tales about long, improv heavy
funky freak outs featuring Captain Trips and the organ groover have always circulated, but
many fans, even well-established Heads, aren’t familiar with the material because what
doesn’t circulate are recordings. There is the late ’90s solo release of Side Trips
Vol. 1
(there was never a Vol. 2) which has some pretty wild music on it, and of
course Hooteroll?, and then there’s this show from Boston in January 1972. The band
on this gig is Howard Wales’ lineup, not the Vitt/Kahn rhythm section on the album, the
rhythm section that would eventually become early versions of JGB, and Garcia plays the
role of featured artist for the most part.

What we have here is the first half hour or so of the show, which is largely music from
the album: “South Side Strut” > “Up From the Desert” > “On AM Approach” > “Carry Me Back.”
music is less pretty than the album, more aggressive and a lot of fun, and admittedly the
recording is raw in spots too: it’s sourced from an FM broadcast, so it has a weird
weather voiceover
just as it starts, and another little hiccup early on, but by four minutes in, everything
settles down for some serious music. Another noteworthy detail is because this is Wales’
band, Garcia is playing with another lead guitarist, which is a real rarity and makes for
some interesting listening. As always, enjoy!


Written By: Dan Alford

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