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SISTER: 'My Enemy' Video Released

“My Enemy”, the new video from the Swedish hard rock act SISTER, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s new album, “Disguised Vultures”, which was released on January 21 in North America and January 27 in Europe via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded with Martin Sweet and Linus Birbrant and features the previously released single “Sick”.

SISTER drummer and backing vocalist Cari comments: “‘My Enemy’ is a trip through a chaos filled mind. The lyrics speak about personal feelings on the ups and downs in life and also about what the world has become today.

“As the opener for the album, this song goes out 110% from the start to seconds after hit the brakes and then come back with full force again. That’s pretty much how we live our lives today.”

The video’s producer, Jimmy Johansson, adds: “My vision with this video was to make it ‘in your face’ as much as possible, just like the song.

“I wanted to portrait the ugly sides of humanity, such as war, murder, torture, school dances, poverty, starvation, gluttony and so on.

“Hopefully we can make someone think.

“If the video doesn’t affect you in any way, we have failed. And if you think it’s too much, then you should just stay at home and not watch the news ever again and keep on ignoring.”

“Disguised Vultures” emphasizes what the band is all about: heavy, raw sound and attitude. Fans will find plenty more of what Revolver magazine described as “a genre-bending amalgam of street punk attitude and glam-inspired melodies” on this new album.

“Disguised Vultures” track listing:

01. My Enemy
02. Sick
03. Disguised Vultures
04. Arise
05. We Salute ‘Em
06. Slay Yourself
07. Naked
08. DMN
09. (Stop The) Revolution
10. Please Kill Me

European fans were able to get their hands on a limited colored seven-inch single of “Sick” while the band was on tour with WEDNESDAY 13 throughout Europe.


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