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See Opeth On A Boat!

Opeth will be performing on the Melloboat, a three-day Swedish cruise. Says the band: “Opeth will return onboard the Melloboat, organized by Mellotronen records in September. Due to a glitch in the machinery this hasn’t been posted ’til now, which has led to some confusion amongst Opeth fans wanting to attend. But we’ll be there.

“The festival is held between the 6th and 8th of September onboard the Silja festival cruise ship going from Stockholm to Riga.

“Despite notoriously sea-sick band members, Opeth will take a break in the writing process for record number 11 and be there to entertain. Other bands include Icecross, Trettioåriga kriget, Cressida and horror film score legend Fabio Frizzi among others.”

For more information, visit melloboat.se.

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